Parents & teachers: What you can do
How resilient will she be? Take the quiz!
Review advice from experts and recommended reading.
Watch the Chrissa movie with girls, and use the discussion questions to open up a conversation about how bullying affects them.

Find more activities in the Stand Together, Stop the Bullying school curriculum. We developed the curriculum in partnership with The Ophelia Project®, an organization dedicated to helping schools create safe social climates. Review the curriculum and pass it on to teachers and schools in your area.

Together, we can create a safer, kinder world for all children.
Advice from experts
Read articles explaining the effects of bullying on girls and ways to help:
Raising your daughter to be a good "bystander"
"She must not be much of a friend"
It’s all about connections
Recommended reading
Stand Up for YourselfRead the books on this list that seem right for you, and share some of the children’s books with the girls in your life.
School curriculum
Stop the bullying. Pass it onWhether you’re a parent or a teacher, these curriculum materials will help you empower and protect the children you care about.
Movie Discussion Questions
An American Girl: Chrissa Stands StrongWatch An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong with girls, and take a moment to ask discussion questions about the movie.