You will need:
  • Copy of the ice-skate template (download pdf here)
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Craft glue or three Glue Dots® (regular size)
  • 1 jumbo-sized paper clip
  • Length of ribbon 16" long
  • Scissors


1. Print out the ice skate template. You’ll need one pair of skates for every bookmark. (The template has three.)

2. IMPORTANT: Before you cut out the skates, decorate and color them with any design you like, using pencils or markers. Then cut carefully along the outline of the skates.

3. Turn one skate over so that the plain white side is facing you. Place a dot of glue on the top center of the skating boot (Fig. A). Place the second and third dots of glue at the toe and heel of the skating boot.

4. Press the ribbon into the top spot of glue (Fig. B).

5. Place the paper clip on the second and third spots of glue, across the bottom of the ice-skate (Fig. C).

Line the second ice-skate over the top of the first one. Carefully press the two sides together, especially around the edges. If using craft glue, allow it to dry.

Tie the top of the ribbon into a double knot. Your bookmark is finished!
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