Lea Clark: Girl of the Year. She dives in to new adventures and explores what's in her heart.
Lea Clark doll

What She Loves

Animals—especially photographing them!

Fun Fact

She wanted a pet alligator when she was little

What Changes Her Life

A family trip to Brazil, where she sees life through a new lens

Proud Moment

Overcoming her fear of the ocean

What She Discovers

It takes courage to do something you've never done before

She's here for only one year!

Discover the Story

Read how Lea's trip to Brazil changes her life forever

Book: Lea Dives In by Lisa Yee
Book: Lea Leads the Way by Lisa Yee
Book: Lea and Camila by Lisa Yee and Kellen Hertz

The Story Continues


An unexpected twist sends Lea back to the rainforest for an all-new movie adventure!

Discover all about LEA TO THE RESCUE

Explore with Lea

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Join Lea on her adventures in Brazil! Help her keep baby sea turtles safe as they make their their way to the ocean, find the perfect gift to bring to the sea-goddess festival, snorkel around Shipwreck Cove, and travel the Amazon River to rescue a baby sloth.

App gameplay

Collect cool rewards.

App gameplay

Earn bonuses—but don't disturb the wildlife!

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Discover amazing photos.

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Rainforest Rows

Lea's Rainforest Rows Game

All About Lea Quiz

All About Lea Quiz

Colorful Crafts

Get creative with projects inspired by our Girl of the Year

Sloth Snack Clip

Sloth Snack Clip

Colorful Animal Jars

Colorful Animal Jars

Download the sloth snack clip template

From Page to Play Set

Lea's story leaps to life in amazing detail

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