Creative and confident with a serious science streak, Luciana is ready to reach for the stars.

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Mission 1

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Welcome to space camp

I have always dreamed of going to Space Camp. I practically spent my whole life preparing for it—I once rode a roller coaster six times in a row to make sure I could handle microgravity! But nothing could have prepared me for the challenge of being team captain for the robotics challenge.

01Log book:
First Day At Camp

I can’t believe I’m actually at Space Camp! There’s so much to learn and do. Let's go check it out!

When I arrived, I was issued an official Space Camp flight suit to wear on my missions.

What’s the first thing that I should do now that I’m here?

  • Check out the habitat
  • Go on my first mission
  • Explore campus
  • Try the multi axis trainer

02Log book:

My team really wants to win the robot competition. Can you help me test the robotic arm I built to make sure it works?

Use the sliders to move the arm and the switch to open and close the claw.

Meet Orion! He’s the mascot for my team at Space Camp.

03Log book:

Welcome to the Mars Habitat! At Space Camp, we perform missions and do science experiments in simulators like this one. Come check out the cool things we can do in the habitat!

Use the buttons to spin the habitat, and click on the icons to learn more!

When I go to Mars, I’ll live in a habitat just like this one

04Log book:
Teamwork Test

Do you have what it takes to lead your team to victory?

I've been trying figure out how to be a good team captain. Everybody has interesting ideas—but it's hard to keep everyone on task!

How would you do as team captain? Take the quiz below to find out.

05Log book:

Congratulations, you have completed the first mission!

Mission 2:Underwater Habitat

Come back soon for our next challenge—a deep dive to an underwater habitat!

Coming this spring—join me on a mission in the Atacama desert!

Mission 3:Atacama Desert