Dear American Girl,

My good friend ended up in a different class this year. She became friends with a girl in that class, and they seem to spend every second together. I hardly ever get to see my friend, and when I try to hang out with the two of them, I feel like a third wheel. I miss my friend. What should I do?
-Left out

Here's your advice:

Just because your good friend isn't in your class doesn't mean that you two can't still be buds. Invite her over your house, and occasionally include the other friend, too. All three of you could become close friends.
-Katie, age 11, New Jersey

When a similar situation happened with my friend, I took her aside and said, "Hey, I feel as if we haven't spent a lot of time together lately. Do you want to do something this weekend?" That way, I didn't have to come right out and say how I felt, but it showed her that I wanted to reconnect.
-Allison, age 13, Kansas

Although it might not feel good to not be as close with your friend, this might be a good opportunity to start friendships with people in your own class.
-Natalie, age 10, Connecticut

When my friend started hanging out with another girl, I felt left out. I thought that she didn't like me anymore. But after I had a heart-to-heart with her, it turned out that she hadn't realized that she was leaving me out. After that, she started to spend time with all of her friends more equally.
-Abigail, age 13, South Carolina

When it comes to friendship, trios can be tricky because sometimes things feel uneven. Try to spend time with the two of them, but if it continues to feel awkward, it might be time to hang out with some new friends.
-Aylin, age 11, Connecticut

Feeling as if you're drifting apart from a friend can be hard. But if you value this friendship, keep in touch even if you're not as close. Say hi and smile at your friend, give her a card on her birthday, and occasionally do something fun with her. Meanwhile, strengthen your other friendships so that you won't feel alone.
-Annika, age 13, Oregon

Remember, even if your friend spends time with another girl, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to spend any time with you. She just might be a little caught up with this new friendship, and that's what you're seeing.
-Sofia, age 8, Connecticut

Maybe you simply need to know the other girl a little better. Invite the two friends out for ice cream or a movie and try to get to know the other girl. Who knows? Maybe she will become a close friend of yours, too.
-Abigail, age 11, California

Find a quiet moment to talk to your friend alone. Share your feelings, and tell her that you miss her friendship.
-Amaya, age 10, Rhode Island

Being the third wheel can be tough, but you don't want to make the other friend feel left out either. Make peace with the fact that your friend has another close friendship, because it's perfectly OK for a girl to have more than one friend.
-Lily, age 9, Massachusetts

It's one thing if your friend is nice to a new friend in her class, but it's another thing if she is excluding you on purpose. If you're not sure where her head's at, talk it out with your friend.
-Madison, age 11, Montana

Even though it might feel natural to be a little jealous, try your best to see the good in this other girl who's been hanging out with your friend. Negative feelings might hurt you and your friend, too. Use this time to work on other friendships, and if you and your friend drift apart, you'll have new friends whom you can lean on.
-Celeste, age 12, New Jersey

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