Dear American Girl,

My mom said I could get my ears pierced! I'm excited, but I'm also very nervous. I don't want to freeze up as soon as I sit down in the chair—how can I calm my nerves?
-Pierced-Ears Fears

Here's your advice:

As soon as you sit in the chair, close your eyes and think of a happy memory, a soothing song, or a funny joke. The piercing will be over before you know it.
-Sawyer, age 11, Georgia

Ask if you can bring a friend along for support. My mom took me shopping at the mall with my three best friends, and I got my ears pierced with all of them there. It was fun! Just be brave and think of how pretty your new earrings will look.
-Alta, age 12, Michigan

When you go to get your ears pierced, ask the person doing the piercing if she could explain the process before she starts. If you know what to expect, you might breathe easier.
-Leah, age 13, New Jersey

If you don't feel comfortable getting your ears pierced, don't do it right away. Wait a couple of weeks (or more) until you feel ready.
-Lexi, age 12, New York

Find a pair of earrings you love before getting your ears pierced. Having a pretty pair might calm your nerves because you'll be excited to wear them.
-Hannah, age 13, Canada

A few minutes before getting your ears pierced, do something that calms you down, such as reading a book, playing a game, or texting with a friend.
-Tiffany, age 9, Wisconsin

Instead of focusing on your nervousness, think about which earrings you'll wear with your favorite outfits.
-Maddie, age 12, California

Talk to someone who's gotten her ears pierced, such as your mom or older sister. Ask them for any tips and ways to stay calm.
-An American Girl fan, age 11, North Carolina

Some ear-piercing places have stuffed animals available for you to squeeze, but don't feel funny about bringing your own stuffed animal. I've heard of lots of girls who have done that—hugging a squishy friend made them feel better.
-Hailey, age 12, Wyoming

Instead of thinking about getting your ears pierced, think about the earrings you're going to wear. Studs or dangles? Silver or gold? Concentrate on the best part of getting you ears pierced, not the worst.
-Jolie, age 10, Michigan

When you get your ears pierced, bring a keepsake that makes you feel happy, such as a favorite bracelet, a special rock, or a picture of your pet.
-Sonya, age 11, Wisconsin

I was excited to get my ears pierced, but once I got in the chair, I started worrying. My mom told me to focus on my surroundings. I started scanning the store for cool pairs of earrings and watched kids doing funny things out in the mall. Then it was over!
-Jules, age 10, Georgia

Wear a lotion that soothes you, such as one with a lavender scent. Listen to your favorite song and sit in a quiet area before walking in to get your ears pierced.
-Janice, age 11, Florida

I felt the same way before I got my ears pierced. I talked to my mom about it, and she told me to tell myself positive things, such as, "You can do this!" or, "Afterward, you'll be glad you did this." Thinking positively can help you feel more confident.
-Allison, age 12, California

When it's time to get your ears pierced, hum your favorite tune or "play" it in your head.
-Maya, age 11, Hawaii

I was so nervous when I went to get my ears pierced. I remember sitting down, and the next thing I knew, the lady who pierced my ears said, "OK, go pick out some new earrings!" I was confused because I thought she hadn't pierced them yet. It takes only a second and it's over. It was worth it to wear cute earrings!
-An American Girl fan, age 13, Delaware

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