Dear American Girl,

Everyone I know is very talented. My brother has won lots of awards on his debate team, my sister just placed first in a geography bee, and my friends are all great at dancing, sports, and art. But I don't know what I'm good at! I need help finding my true talent. How should I start?

Here's your advice:

Start by doing something you enjoy, and then work your way up. If you like to bake, try a new recipe every week. If you like to write stories, write a poem instead. If you push yourself a little further, you might find a hidden talent.
-An American Girl fan, age 11, Massachusetts

I was having trouble finding my talent, too, so my mom signed me up for lots of different lessons. One month I tried horseback riding, the next I joined a swimming class, and then I took piano lessons. Finally I found something I was good at—acting. Try new things, and this approach might work for you.
-Gabi, age 13, North Carolina

Go to the library, look on the Internet, or ask your parents for a skill that you could work on and get better at. Gather information before you decide anything.
-Samantha, age 9, Massachusetts

Every person is talented in his or her own special way. Just because your brother is good at soccer or your friend is a great artist doesn't mean you're talentless.
-Haley, age 11, Minnesota

Think of activities and hobbies that make you smile. What is something you've done in the past that has made you happy? That might be a good place to start!
-Imogen, age 8, California

Sometimes your favorite subject or period in school can relate to your talent. If you like spelling, participate in a spelling bee. If you love to play games during recess, try sports.
-Sara, age 11, Maryland

Don't be in a rush to find your talent. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a talent tomorrow or maybe it'll be six months from now. Be patient and wait for your talent to come to you. If you force yourself into an activity just because you want a talent, you may regret it.
-Holly, age 10, Indiana

As you work on developing a talent, make sure that you're enjoying what you're doing and expressing yourself through it. It should make you feel good!
-Megan, age 11, Minnesota

Ask your friends what inspired them to join a team, play an instrument, or work on another talent. Their ideas might inspire you, too.
-Katie, age 8, Georgia

First of all, you ARE talented―you just don't realize it. Often people think of talents such as being good at sports or drawing pictures. But those aren't the only talents that exist. Haven't you ever admired someone who was great at organizing? Decorating? Baking? What do you love? Make that your talent.
-Taylor, age 12, Minnesota

You don't have to have a specific talent to fit in. Be yourself, and if you stumble across a talent along the way, work on it and get better at it.
-Rachel, age 10, Texas

People usually are not extremely talented from the start, so figure out what you like to do, work hard at it, and be patient.
-Lauren, age 11, Bermuda

Your talent is just being you, so try not to worry about what everyone else does. Just focus on yourself.
-Bria, age 10, Kentucky

Everyone has a talent, including you. You just haven't found yours yet, and you have plenty of time to find it. Not everyone has a talent that can be seen on the outside. Some people have it in the inside, such as having compassion, being kind, or caring about the environment. Your talent just might be waiting deep inside your heart.
-Ali, age 11, California

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