Dear American Girl,

I love photography. I've even entered some of my pictures into contests. Recently, my younger sister started taking pictures, too. I've never won any awards—but my sister just got first prize! I want to feel happy for her, but I'm envious. How can I get over these feelings? Is there a way for my sister and me to enjoy photography together?

Here's your advice:

You and your sister are two different people. You should be proud of your pictures, not envious of another person's work. A photo you've taken is unique in its own way, and your sister's photos show her personal style, too. Stop comparing yourself to your sis and just have fun taking your own pictures.
-Olive, age 11, Colorado

Does it really matter who wins? You both can enjoy taking pictures. For example, go on a walk together and take pretty photos.
-Cameron, age 13, California

Create a photo collage with your sister. Combine your best pictures into one piece of artwork. Ask a parent to hang it on a wall, or create two of them to have one for each bedroom. It's a creative way to show how much you both love photography.
-Grace, age 12, Ohio

Photography might be a temporary hobby for both of you, but your relationship with your sister is forever. Don't let something silly come between you.
-Maria, age 11, Michigan

If you love photography, stick with it and keep trying, even if your sister continues to win prizes. If you encourage your sis, she'll probably encourage you, too. And that's a lot better than feeling envious of her.
-CJ, age 9, Connecticut

You said the answer—enjoy photography together. Visit cool places and snap pics, or take funny pictures of each other. Odds are, you'll both have fun and learn new things from each other.
-Laine, age 12, Washington

Put your photos into an album along with photos your sister has taken. It would be a great place to display your work together, and your parents would love looking at it, too.
-Hannah, age 13, Massachusetts

Think positively. If you believe that you're going to fail and your sister will always win, there might be a higher chance that you won't ever win. Take the best pictures you can and be confident in your work.
-Tammy, age 9, Michigan

Even if you don't win awards, it doesn't mean you aren't a good photographer. Hang up your favorite pictures in your room so that you can be reminded of the beautiful images you've captured.
-Maddie, age 13, Wisconsin

I know it might seem hard, but be sure to congratulate your sister on her accomplishment. You also can ask, "Hey, could you tell me how you took the winning picture?"
-Grace, age 11, Germany

Work on a photography project together, such as adding interesting effects to your photos on the computer. Combine your talents and create awesome things.
-Sarah, age 12, North Carolina

Your sister probably wants to be like you. She looks up to you and wants to try the things that you like doing. It's cool when someone admires you that much.
-Emily, age 10, California

My sister is great at taking pictures, too, and sometimes I wish I had her talent. But then I remind myself that I am good at other things, such as babysitting and solving math puzzles. You can shine in lots of ways!
-Tressie, age 13, North Carolina

There's no reason to stop taking pictures just because your sister won a prize and you didn't. Remember, you don't have to be the best at something to love it.
-Allison, age 12, Kansas

Why don't you both join a photography club? It might be a way to get closer to your sister and enjoy this hobby together.
-Savana, age 11, China

It took me two years to get a ribbon in swimming, but my sister got one at her very first meet. At first I felt envious, but then I decided to ask her if we could practice together. I helped her get even better, and I realized that by helping her, I was improving, too. Work with your sister and share photography tips with each other. She might teach you something, and you can do the same for her.
-Deidrah, age 12, Virginia

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