Dear American Girl,

Lately, it seems as if my mom has been in a bad mood. I've been on my best behavior, but she just gets mad about everything. I want to be able to have fun together again. Are there some ways I can reconnect with my mom and make our relationship better?
-Mom and me

Here's your advice:

You could make a sweet card for your mom. It could say something nice such as, "I love you!" or "You're an awesome mom!" Homemade cards always make my mom smile.
-Abby, age 10, Texas

Just give your mom a big hug whenever it looks like she needs one. It's an easy way to show you care.
-An American Girl fan, age 12, Illinois

Ask your mom if the two of you can have some "girl time" together. Eat at a favorite restaurant, go for a hike, or get manicures together. You and your mom can reconnect, and it'll be fun, too.
-Emma, age 11, Tennessee

To connect a little more with your mom, do something nice for her, such as making her favorite breakfast. Or finish your homework early so that you can spend some time together. It could make your relationship even better.
-Davin, age 12, New Mexico

Be mindful of your mom's feelings and give her time on her own to feel better. It's great that you care about your mom, but be respectful of her privacy and try to not be nosy.
-Gabrielle, age 10, New Hampshire

Give your mom a big smile or crack a joke. Do something together that makes you both feel good, such as going for a walk with your dog. That could be a nice mood boost for the two of you.
-Elle, age 12, Canada

My mom and I stay connected by keeping a journal together. I write an entry that my mom will read, and then she writes an entry that I'll read. We both tend to be very busy, so this is a nice way to stay in touch.
-Abigail, age 11, North Carolina

Reconnecting with your mom might be as simple as asking her, "How's your day going?" It will show her that you care about her and will get a conversation started, too.
-Liany, age 9, New York

Ask your mom if the two of you could work on a chore together, such as drying dishes or folding clothes. It will be a big help to her and will give you two a chance to catch up.
-Kenna, age 10, Minnesota

You could leave sweet or funny notes for her in places where she won't expect them, such as in her coat pocket or in her lunch for work. The notes could brighten her day and help you feel closer with your mom.
-Anna Grace, age 12, Louisiana

Make a "Jar of Fun." You and your mom could write down some activities you could do together on small slips of paper and then put them into the jar. When the two of you have some free time, choose an idea from the jar.
-Bianca, age 11, Washington

Remember that even if you or your mom isn't feeling the best, you will always love each other, and a little negativity isn't going to change that.
-Alexa, age 10, Michigan

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