Dear American Girl,

I'm not the biggest fan of winter, mainly because I feel cold almost all the time and my skin is always dry. I want to be happier this winter! Does anyone have some winter care tips that will warm me up and make me feel better?

Here's your advice:

Put petroleum jelly or lotion on your hands, and wear socks on your hands to bed. Both my sister and I have done it, and it really helps with dry skin. The socks trap the moisture and let the lotion soak in all night. It works!
-Roseanna, age 13, Pennsylvania

I love winter! To stay warm, try drinking hot chocolate or sitting under a heated blanket.
-Maggie, age 10, Tennessee

Set aside an hour or 45 minutes to exercise. If you run on a treadmill or do some other indoor exercises, you definitely will not be cold. If you work out hard, you might stay warm for an hour after you finish.
-Chloe, age 14, Maryland

At night, I toss my blankets into the dryer for a few minutes so that they'll be toasty warm when I go to bed. Ask a parent if you can do this with your blankets—or even your pajamas!
-Roxanna, age 12, Georgia

Have fun in the snow! Wrap up in warm clothes, and go outside to make snowmen and snowballs. When you go home, have a mug of hot cocoa.
-Lexie, age 11, New Hampshire

When I get chapped lips, my lips start to sting, so I always wear lip balm that smells really good.
-Paige, age 9, Connecticut

Ask a parent if you can have a winter-themed sleepover with friends. Decorate invitations for your friends with snowflakes, make yummy hot cocoa, and cuddle up for a winter movie marathon.
-Maria, age 12, Texas

Layer up! The more clothing layers you wear, the warmer you'll be. This doesn't mean you can't still love your look. Wear a tank top over a T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. Try making a scarf into a belt. Put hair clips on a winter hat. Or maybe wear a skirt over leggings. You'll stay warm and make a fashion statement, too.
-Hannah, age 11, California

Reading is a fun way to stay occupied. Make a list of all the books that you'd like to finish before winter ends. This will help you enjoy the season.
-Daylinn, age 12, Texas

Winter is tough for a lot of people. Carry a little bottle of lotion around at school to apply to your hands. After you rub lotion onto your hands, use your hands to smooth static out of your hair.
-Harsitha, age 12, Ohio

Wear slippers around the house to keep your feet extra warm.
-Halle, age 11, California

Here are some showering tips that will make a difference: First, even though you might feel like taking a long, hot shower, turn the heat down a bit—that will keep your skin moist and your hair shiny. Second, find a thick moisturizing lotion that works for you, and apply it all over right after you shower.
-Jordyn, age 12, Utah

I love to draw. Because I love to play outside in the summer, I practice my drawing during the winter. You can do that, too.
-Callie, age 10, Arkansas

Make a fleece headband to keep your head warm—that's a fun craft. Also, I like to take warm baths before I go to bed.
-Sara, age 8, Delaware

Warm up by baking some treats!
-Lauren, age 11, Ontario

When my skin is dry, I choose a yummy-smelling lotion. My favorite scent is wildflower. Maybe if you have something that reminds you of spring and summer—such as the scent of a lotion—it will give you a more positive attitude about winter.
-Elaine, age 11, Ohio

If you get very cold, try putting your hands in lukewarm (not hot) water.
-Luna, age 12, Michigan

My favorite thing to do in the winter is to make hot cocoa. My mom makes homemade hot cocoa with real chocolate. It's the best!
-Grace, age 11, Ohio

Check the weather forecast. Then you will know what weather to expect and can wear the right clothing or coat.
-Meghan, age 12, Texas

I have dry skin, too. I try to remember to drink a lot of water so that my skin stays moisturized. Drying my hands completely after washing them also helps.
-Rosa, age 13, Pennsylvania

Have you ever tried using coconut oil on your dry skin? It helps my family and me a lot. Another idea is to try switching to a soap that is made to moisturize your skin. Hope this helps.
-Jessica, age 11, Ohio

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