Dear American Girl,

When I am asked to do a chore, I never want to do it. I want to help, but I can't get motivated in the first place. When my mom asks me to clean my room, I put it off and get distracted with something else. Then my mom gets upset with me. How can I motivate myself to do chores? Is there anything I can do to make them more fun?
-Bored with Chores

Here's your advice:

Energetic music always motivates me to do my chores. Dancing to the music makes doing chores a lot more entertaining.
-Joelle, age 13, Iowa

When I get bored with a chore, I play a little make-believe. Sometimes I pretend that I'm a princess locked in a tower, and in order to escape, I have to clean my room. It's really fun, and it makes the cleaning go faster!
-Emily, age 12, New York

What is your favorite hobby? After 20 minutes of cleaning, you could spend 10 minutes doing something you enjoy, such as playing an instrument or drawing a picture. This always works for me.
-Bonnie, age 10, North Carolina

Try challenging yourself to see how quickly you can get the job done. Set a timer, and then try to beat it. Once you have a deadline, it might be easier to work quickly.
-Rachel, age 13, Maryland

Why not do the chore right away? If you wait, the thought of having to clean your room will hang over your head all day. You might keep putting if off until you forget about it completely. By doing the chore right away, you can enjoy a clean room for the rest of the day.
-Kathryn, age 12, Indiana

Make a chore chart. Every time you complete a chore you've been asked to do without putting it off, give yourself a point. After you earn ten points, treat yourself to some "me time" and just relax.
-Emma, age 11, California

When you complete a chore, do something fun, such as calling one of your friends. Then move on to the next task. Looking forward to fun things might motivate you to finish your chores.
-China, age 13, Ireland

I used to not want to do my chores either. My parents and I worked together to think of solutions, and now I do my chores without even being asked! Ask your mom if she can help you think of ways to get motivated.
-Christina, age 12, Florida

When it comes to cleaning your room, write down the areas of your room (closet, under your bed, etc.) on slips of paper. Put the pieces of paper into a bowl, close your eyes, and choose one. Then clean that part of your room. Keep repeating these steps until your room is picture-perfect!
-Addison, age 11, Virginia

Before you start doing chores, put away all of the things that might distract you, such as your cell phone or laptop. After you're finished, you can put out the items again.
-Naomi, age 9, Kentucky

Turn cleaning your room into a game. Pretend that you're on a game show and you have only a certain amount of time to get done tasks such as making your bed. Before you know it, your room could look spectacular!
-Maggie, age 11, Minnesota

Just think about how happy your mom will be if you help with chores willingly! Imagining the smile on your mom's face could be enough motivation.
-Mackenzie, age 12, North Carolina

Hang a whiteboard in your room, and write your list of chores on it each day. If you have a visual reminder, it might be easier to stay on task instead of getting distracted.
-Sarah, age 11, Oregon

Invite a friend to your house. You probably don't want to have a messy room when she comes over, so this is the perfect motivation! As your reward, you'll get some quality time to hang out.
-Annie, age 13, Hawaii

Every time you do a chore, reward yourself with something small, such as a piece of chocolate or extra time to play on the computer.
-Rose, age 11, Oregon

Turn your chore time into a "concert." While you're cleaning your room, sing your favorite songs. When I have to do chores, singing makes me feel happier.
-Chrissy, age 10, Ohio

When I don't want to clean, I picture how nice my room will look after I organize it. After I clean my room, I always feel a lot better!
-Jamie, age 12, Massachusetts

That's exactly what happens to me! To motivate yourself, remember the positive things of doing the chore. If you clean your room, it'll be less cluttered. And if you've lost something, you might find it. I hope this helps.
-Raki, age 11, Maryland

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