Dear American Girl,

I just got glasses that I need to wear at school if I can’t see the board. Another girl in my class got glasses too—and everybody laughed at her! I’m afraid to wear my glasses now, because I don’t want to be made fun of. What should I do?
-Four eyes or no eyes?

Here's your advice:

If you need glasses, wear them! It is much better to wear your glasses and be able to see than to be "cool" and not be able to see clearly. If people do make fun of you, tell your teacher. She can control the problem.
-An American girl, age 11, California

Don’t worry about the teasing until it actually happens. You should wear your glasses because it is better for you. Talk to the teacher about sitting in a front seat—you might be able to see even better.
-Sydney, age 9, New York

I have glasses, and on my first day of wearing them, a few people called me “four eyes.” It made me mad, so I said, "I like these glasses, thank you very much." And they backed off. Now my friends are used to seeing me with glasses. My advice is to stand up for yourself.
-Sarah, age 11, Rhode Island

Remember that you are still yourself—even with glasses! Just because you wear glasses, doesn’t mean you are any different. If someone is making fun of you, just ignore her.
-Gloria, age 12, California

If people are making fun of your glasses, talk to your parents and your optometrist about getting contacts. Contacts aren’t for everyone, but you could look into it.
-Jennifer, age 11, California

You could become friends with the other girl in your class who has glasses. Then she will know that she isn’t the only person dealing with new glasses—you can talk about this together!
-Sydney, age 9, Washington

I have glasses, too. You’ll probably look even smarter with glasses. Put them on and try different hairstyles. You’ll get used to them.
-Christina, age 11, California

If you need to wear your glasses, just wear them. It’s not worth straining your eyes trying to see the board. Think of your glasses as a cool fashion accessory. That’s what I do, and I don’t feel embarrassed to wear my glasses anymore.
-Natalie, age 11, Tennessee

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