Dear American Girl,

I tell jokes to my friends at school and my family members at home. However, they don’t really laugh or find me funny. My older sister says that I’m being annoying and rolls her eyes. I really want to tell good jokes, but I don’t know how. Can you help?
-No Jokes

Here's your advice:

I love telling jokes, too. Sometimes when I love a joke, I tell it over and over. After a while the joke goes from funny to annoying. You don’t have to stop telling jokes, but after telling one, move on. People will find your jokes much more amusing this way.
-Carina, age 11, Missouri

When people don’t laugh at my jokes, I laugh at them myself. Try not to let your sister’s comment bother you. Just have fun and enjoy yourself.
-Jazzy, age 10, Texas

Do you ever tell jokes at bad times? Do you try to tell them when your friend is upset or your sister is trying to do her homework? If so, try to find better times to tell jokes. This might be why your family and friends don’t find your jokes funny.
-Sloane, age 12, Massachusetts

Maybe you should try something a little different. Have you tried telling riddles instead of jokes?
-An American Girl fan

It’s great to laugh, but sometimes people just aren’t in the mood. That’s OK.
-Esther, age 12, Pennsylvania

I think you should check out a joke book from the library. Choose a subject that you think your friends or family will find funny, and tell some of those jokes!
-Bonnie, age 10, West Virginia

Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing your jokes until they come easy. Good luck.
-An American Girl fan

Sometimes I tell jokes from my favorite TV shows. The only problem is that my family hasn’t seen the shows, so they don’t find the jokes funny. Make sure you’re picking jokes that make sense for your audience.
-Maci, age 12, California

Telling jokes is an awesome talent. It’s really fun being able to make people laugh; however, you don’t want to overwhelm people with jokes. Your family or friends might be tired of your jokes because they hear them so often. Maybe you could try telling them less. That way, your jokes will be funnier when you do decide to tell them. Don’t lose your great sense of humor; it’s part of what makes you special.
-Nola, age 12, California

Write your best jokes down in a journal and save them for the perfect moment. My brother and sister like jokes too, but they get annoyed when I tell the same joke over and over.
-Sierra, age 12, North Carolina

Make sure that your jokes aren’t coming across as rude or inappropriate. Are you telling them at appropriate times?
-Maddie, age 11, Washington

If you’re trying to be funny all the time, you might start to irritate your friends and family. My tip for you is to never tell the same joke twice, and try to space your jokes out.
-Grace, age 11, California

Try to read the tone of the room before you tell a joke. If there’s a serious conversation going on, you probably shouldn’t try to make them laugh.
-Sarah, age 14, Texas

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