Dear American Girl,

I want to start a club for animal lovers at my school. However, I have two problems. The first problem is that I don’t know where to start. The second problem is that I’m worried no one will come. What do you think I should do?
-Animal Club

Here's your advice:

Make a list of everything you want to do at club meetings. Where do you want to hold the meetings? What will you talk about? After you figure out this information, create a sign-up sheet and then ask a teacher if you can hang it up at school.
-Rissy, age 12, Ohio

Does your school have a school newspaper or newsletter? If so, ask the teacher in charge if you can write something about your club in the next one. You could also ask the principal if you can hang up club posters that you make.
-Emma, age 11, Vermont

You could create fliers and pass them out to people at school. I bet people will come if they know about your club.
-Sarah, age 11, California

Invite your friends to the club, and ask them to help you spread the word. The hardest part might be making sure that people at school know that the club exists. You could also assign jobs like secretary, treasurer, or other positions to the people who come to the first meeting. That way, the planning won’t be all your responsibility. Give it your best shot!
-Christal, age 10, Arizona

I think that you should set up a meeting with the principal or a teacher. Ask lots of questions, and find out if there’s a specific way to go about starting a club.
-Gabby, age 12, Michigan

I think that you should ask a teacher for advice. Maybe they can tell you about why certain clubs have been successful and why others haven’t been. Good luck! It sounds like a great idea.
-Rachel, age 12, Missouri

My friends and I started a club a few years ago, and it was really fun! Meet with a teacher and ask him or her how to start a club. You’ll likely need adult supervision, so ask if he or she can help you with this. If he or she is too busy that’s OK—maybe another teacher might be interested.
-An American Girl fan

Be sure to let your principal and teacher know about your plan to start a club. A girl at my school started a crafting club and didn’t talk to the teachers first. She ended up getting in trouble because it made many students feel left out, and she didn’t have an adult present.
-Darlena, age 9, California

Ask one of your teachers to make an announcement about the club during class. Good luck!
-Lynn, age 10, Pennsylvania

I think that you should take a poll and find out how many of your friends are interested in joining your club. Then have your friends invite their friends. Maybe they can also help you make posters or talk to your principal about your plan.
-Shauna, age 11, Utah

Believe in yourself. If you come up with a smart plan, you will have a good shot at creating an awesome club for your school.
-Jessica, age 7, New York

What kind of animal club do you want it to be? There are so many possibilities. You could sell stuffed animals or hold another type of sale and donate the money you make to your local animal shelter or an endangered species fund. Remember, every little bit that you raise helps!
-Madison, age 9, Arizona

The more organized you are, the more successful your club will be. I think you also need to focus on making it fun. That will keep your friends coming back.
-An American Girl fan

Team up with a friend, and the two of you can run this club together! I always have more fun when I do something like this with one of my good friends. That way we can lean on each other when we need to, and even if no one comes, we have each other. Have fun!
-Chelsea, age 11, Germany

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