Dear American Girl,

Last November, I moved. The school year was OK, but now it’s summer vacation and I still haven’t made any friends. How can I fix this?

Here's your advice:

Check to see if there are any summer activities you can join. It can be a lot easier to make friends when you join summer clubs or activities. Good luck.
-Sabrina, age 13, Massachusetts

Challenge yourself to say hello to someone new each day. I’m having a similar problem, and I’ve been trying to do this. You never know—the person you say hi to might need a friend, too.
-Rosa, age 10, Iowa

Ask a parent if you can invite a classmate over. You could also reach out to other new kids at school.
-Waverly, age 10, Maryland

Do you play any sports? If not, maybe you could give it a try. Lots of sports go on over the summer, so this might be a good way to make friends who will be at school with you.
-An American Girl fan

Are there any other kids in your neighborhood or nearby? If so, try to reach out to them and see if they want to hang out.
-Ava, age 9, North Carolina

I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I’ve been lonely before, too. It’s not very fun. I think the most important thing to remember is to be yourself and try to be friendly to others.
-Isabel, age 11, Georgia

I moved a few years ago, and if I’m being honest, it took me a while to make friends. I spent lots of time with my family during that time, and I eventually made a new friend at school. Good luck.
-Amber, age 11, Colorado

You could try to find out if there are any other new kids beginning school. If there are, be extra friendly to them.
-An American Girl fan

After moving a few times, I learned that the best way for me to make a new friend is to say hello to someone else who seems shy. Start a conversation with another shy girl and maybe the two of you will become friends.
-Susannah, age 13, Texas

Instead of waiting for an invitation, ask a few other girls to hang out. I know it seems a little scary, but it might work.
-Kendal, age 10, Michigan

Ask a parent if you can join a new class or camp over the summer. Maybe you’ll meet other kids who go to your school. When I joined a summer class, I made four new friends in just an hour!
-Bella, age 11, Pennsylvania

Participate in some type of sport or club that you’re interested in. That way, you’ll meet other people who have the same interests as you.
-Olivia, age 11, Minnesota

I moved to a new school about two years ago. It took me a while to make new friends, too. However, I joined a sport and met some of my closest friends that way.
-Nicole, age 12, New York

Have you tried introducing yourself to others? I know it can be hard—especially if you’re shy. Give it a try and see what happens.
-Brityn, age 11, Wisconsin

I know that this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but friendships can take time. Be friendly to your classmates, introduce yourself, and be open to trying new sports or activities. Give it time and stay positive.
-An American Girl fan

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