Dear American Girl,

I don’t know what to get my mom for her birthday. I want to get her something really special because she does so much for my brother and me, but nothing comes to mind. Can you please help me?
-Gift Giver

Here's your advice:

I think that you should make something special for your mom. You could make her a photo collage and a card.
-Bailey, age 11, New Jersey

Give your mom a coupon for cleaning the basement, putting away books, washing the dog, or cleaning the living room. Don’t forget to give her a hug!
-An American Girl fan

What does your mom like? Get her something that connects to her favorite things. For example, if she likes to golf, buy her golf balls.
-Ella, age 11, Wisconsin

Try making your mom a present or save up some money to buy her flowers. Your mom will probably love anything you give her.
-Bethany, age 12, Nebraska

Write down all of the reasons that you love your mom. Give it to her on her birthday.
-Julia, age 10, Minnesota

I love giving my family members homemade presents. Make a card and write out how you really feel about your mom. It will be the perfect gift. Decorate the card with pretty objects such as shells, paper origami flowers, or beads.
-Jade, age 12, Maryland

Instead of buying your mom a gift, you could get her an experience. Ask your mom if she wants to go for a bike ride or go somewhere special. I like to remind myself that experiences stay with us longer than objects.
-Charlemagne, age 13, Illinois

Make your mom a bracelet, card, or funny book. If you prefer to buy your mom a present, you could get her a cute shirt, tickets to see a movie with you, or a gift card to her favorite store. The most important thing to remember is that your mom will probably love anything you give or make her because it’s coming from you!
-Ella, age 10, North Dakota

Give your mom a home decor gift. Does she like candles or picture frames? Home decor can be a great present.
-Haylie, age 10, Ohio

I think that you should make your mom a card, a bracelet, or a picture frame. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—just keep your present simple and thoughtful.
-Emery, age 8, Virginia

I like drawing and making small things with my hands. Some of the best gifts are handmade and genuine. A handmade gift is special because it’s made from the heart and there’s nothing else like it.
-Emily, age 11, Indiana

You could make her a treat or special snack. I bet your mom would love this!
-An American Girl fan

Give your mom something that has meaning. You could give her a picture of the two of you together or make her a unique birthday card.
-Cady, age 10, Virginia

Write her a poem or a song. You could also make her a scrapbook based on something fun your family did together.
-Grace, age 10, Utah

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