Dear American Girl,

I really want to be great at a sport, but I’ve never tried any. Should I pick a random sport and give it a try? Or practice on my own and see what I’m good at? Help!
-Sport Star

Here's your advice:

Ask your gym teacher if he or she thinks you might be good at a certain sport. Keep trying new sports until you find one that’s right for you.
-Bella, age 10, Pennsylvania

Try to participate in different sports or games during recess. Did you like playing with a team? Or do you like challenging yourself and competing alone? This is a good question to ask yourself before choosing a sport.
-Tiffany, age 12, Arizona

I think that you should match a sport to your personality. Are you very focused and patient? Try ballet. Are you hyper and outgoing? Try soccer. Are you a daredevil? Try diving or gymnastics. I hope this helps.
-Kendra, age 12, California

You could research a few sports and see what’s most interesting to you. Ask a parent if you can visit a sports center or gym to try out different things.
-Annie, age 10, North Carolina

Do any of your friends play sports? Ask if you can go watch a game or a practice. I didn’t think I’d enjoy dance, but I went to my friend’s class on “bring a friend day.” I ended up loving dance.
-Carlie, age 10, Washington

I’m not very good at sports, but I have a lot of other hobbies. I think that you should try a few different sports. If none seem to click, that’s OK. You can always try a different type of hobby.
-Mackenzie, age 11, California

Ask a friend to join you on your sport search. It might be more fun trying out different sports with a buddy. Maybe she will suggest some sports that you didn’t even think of!
-An American Girl fan

Is there an activity you’ve enjoyed during gym class? What parts of the sport did you enjoy? Why? Use this information to help you pick a sport.
-Madison, age 10, Pennsylvania

Do you have any older siblings? If you do, ask your siblings to work with you on the sport they play.
-Hallie, age 9, Alabama

I started playing basketball three years ago. I had never even tried it before but decided to give it a go. Now I’m a really great player. I think that you should go for it. Just try something!
-Ruby, age 13, California

Ask a parent or sibling to practice a few different sports with you. If you can’t find one that clicks, ask for a suggestion. It can’t hurt to give it a try!
-Clara, age 12, Virginia

Think outside the box. Are there other fast-paced activities you can try? Horseback riding lessons, maybe?
-Eliana, age 10, Italy

There are sports camps in my city. Check your local community center and see what they offer.
-Paige, age 11, Idaho

I think you should try a little bit of everything. Do some dance, swimming, track, or soccer! See what sticks.
-Jordan, age 12, New Mexico

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