Dear American Girl,

I really dislike the lunches my school serves, and I rarely have time to pack a lunch the night before. Sometimes I don’t eat lunch at school because the meals don’t taste very good. What should I do?
-Picky Eater

Here's your advice:

I think that you should make time to pack your own lunch. Eating lunch is important, and you’ll feel a lot better throughout the day if you eat a great lunch. Pack a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a drink, and maybe a healthy snack.
-Allie, age 11, Washington

Have you talked to a parent about this? I’m sure your parent wants you to eat a good lunch. Maybe a parent can help you prepare a lunch early in the morning or the night before school.
-Zoe, age 9, California

You could plan out your lunches over the weekend when you have more free time.
-Lucy, age 10, Florida

Set your alarm clock 15 minutes early. Get dressed and ready for your day and then pack your lunch before you leave. Plan out what you’re going to pack the night before.
-Paige, age 13. North Carolina

I think that you should wake up earlier in the morning and make your lunch. Write yourself a note the night before as a reminder!
-Lainey, age 10, Iowa

Meals are really important. When I don’t eat a good meal, I have a hard time concentrating at school. I think that you should make some type of schedule to organize when you’re going to make your lunch.
-An American Girl fan

I’m a picky eater, and sometimes I really don’t like what is being served at school. However, there have been times where I give the food a try, and I actually enjoy it. Have you given the food a fair try?
-Kate, age 10, North Carolina

Make a sandwich before you go to bed. When you wake up, grab some fruit and other snacks.
-Mariella, age 6, Oregon

Does your school have any other food options? At my school, there’s the “main meal” and then also a-la-carte options. Maybe you can buy individual pieces of food such as fruit and sandwiches?
-Anna, age 11, Florida

I have a similar issue. I try to pack small snacks like granola bars, healthy cereal, or yogurt. When I don’t like the food being served, I have some healthy snacks with me to fill me up.
-Korra, age 13, Colorado

When you have time over the weekend, plan out your lunches for the following week. Keep your snacks in a certain place in a cupboard so that you can pack them quickly while getting ready for school.
-An American Girl fan

Ask a parent if you can send a polite letter to your school addressing the food options. Maybe you could come up with some new healthy lunch ideas. Good luck!
-Nola, age 12, California

I think that you should make several snacks the night before. Try pretzels, grapes, yogurt, granola bars, or crackers. These snacks can help tide you over if you really don’t like the lunch.
-Josie, age 11, North Carolina

I like to pack my lunch in the morning before school. At first, I felt very rushed, but after a while it became part of my normal morning routine. It’s worth it—you’ll feel much better if you don’t skip lunch.
-Lucy, age 12, New Jersey

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