Dear American Girl,

I can’t believe summer is almost over. At the end of summer my family and I go on a long camping trip—it’s so much fun. However, I can’t help but feel sad about the trip coming up because that means summer is over. How can I live in the moment and stop feeling down because summer is ending?
-Summer Sadness

Here's your advice:

Try to look at this trip in a more positive way. If you have a good attitude, it might be the best trip yet. I know this can be hard to do, but try to live in the moment.
-Anika, age 13, California

Sometimes I’m sad about summer ending, but then I think about all the fun things that happen during the school year. I get to see my friends every day and learn new things. Enjoy every moment, and try to look forward to the future.
-Ria, age 11, Arizona

Think about all the fun things that happen during the school year. Do you have school parties? Or maybe you get to see friends you usually don’t see during summer? I always love seeing who is in my new class. Try to focus on the positives!
-An American Girl fan

I’m sad that summer is almost over, too. When summer is ending, I do something called summer rewind. I pick my favorite summer activities, and do them the last two weeks before school starts. Those weeks are usually full of pool parties and sleepovers.
-Megan, age 13, New York

I’m always sad as our state fair approaches. It means summer is almost over. I do my best to get really excited about the fair instead of sad about summer ending. You don’t want to be grumpy on your trip and miss out on tons of cool things, right? And even when school starts, you’ll always have the weekends to relax and have fun.
-Katelyn, age 12, New York

I’m sad about summer ending, too. On the bright side, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my personal favorite, Christmas.
-Christa, age 11, Connecticut

Think about all of the good things that happen in school. This might help you look forward to school starting again.
-Faith, age 10, New Mexico

Do your best to stop worrying. I know that can be really hard. I always remind myself to enjoy the little things in life. Every day is a new beginning.
-An American Girl fan

When summer ends, the fun doesn’t have to end! Try to think about all the fun things you’ll do when the school year starts. I love making new friends, doing fun activities such as ice skating, and drinking hot chocolate.
-Delaney, age 11, Washington

Write down all of your favorite things about summer. What do they have in common? Maybe you can take some of those ideas and try to do them when school starts.
-An American Girl fan

Decorate your room and do crafts to get into the fall spirit!
-Chase, age 10, Ohio

I’m homeschooled, so I don’t really know what this feels like. However, you could try to come up with something really fun to do when you get back from your trip.
-Emma, age 13, Arizona

Remember, summer comes around again every year. You probably appreciate summer a lot because it only happens for a short time. You might not love it as much if this didn’t happen.
-Kate, age 10, Wisconsin

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