Dear American Girl,

I really want a cell phone. My friends are always texting and calling each other, and they all have phones! I feel very left out. It’s not fair. My parents say that I can’t have a phone until I’m in high school, but I really want one now. What should I do?
-Phone Frenzy

Here's your advice:

I’m in a similar situation, and it’s frustrating. I’ve been trying to help around the house and help with my younger siblings a lot. I’ve also been offering to help with our pets. I’m hoping that by showing that I’m responsible, my parents will see that I’m ready for a phone. Maybe this will work for you, too.
-Stephanie, age 13, Florida

Maybe you can get a prepaid phone or a pay-as-you-go phone. That way, your parents can see that you’re responsible. It’s a good way to try out having a phone.
-Emma, age 11, Florida

Save up for a phone with your own money. This will show your parents that you’re serious about getting a phone and that you’ll be more likely to take good care of it.
-Ayah, age 9, Canada

I want a phone so much. Whenever I ask for one, my parents say, “You’re too young. You can’t have one until you’re in high school.” I’ve started to accept it—even though I really want a phone.
-Michelle, age 10, Wisconsin

My parents won’t let me have a phone until I’m 14. I’m only 11 right now, but I still try to show them that I’m responsible.
-Sai, age 11, New York

I wanted a phone so badly when I was younger. Then I got one and realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The excitement wears off eventually. I suggest you enjoy your time without one and play outside! You have the rest of your life to look at screens.
-Allison, age 13, Missouri

Give it some time. Your parents will probably become more and more frustrated if you keep asking.
-Kate, age 7, Virginia

I don’t have a phone, either. It’s annoying when all of my friends are on their phones. Sometimes they just sit around and play on their phones rather than talking to one another in person. I think that there are better things to do than spend time on a phone. I miss the old days when my friends liked hanging out!
-Bekah, age 12, Texas

Talk to your parents about how you feel. Maybe they will let you try a messaging app on their phones for a while. If not, just be patient.
-Naomi, age 13, Missouri

I really wanted a phone so I made a list of all the great things about having one. I explained that it would be easier to check in on me and where I am. My parents agreed with me and bought me one for my birthday. Maybe your parents will reconsider if you explain why having one would make you feel safer.
-Molly, age 12, Michigan

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