Dear American Girl,

Lately I’ve been feeling so weird. One second I’m happy and laughing, and the next I feel sad for no reason. I feel like I’m the only person who feels this way. My mom said it’s because I’m growing up, but I really don’t like how I feel. What should I do?
-Feeling Weird

Here's your advice:

I feel like this a lot of the time. When I’m sad or angry, I write in my journal. It helps me better understand my feelings.
-Giada, age 10, California

You’re most likely having mood swings. When you start to feel sad, think about all of the things you love. Remember that mood swings are only temporary.
-Shylee, age 10, Texas

Sometimes changes in mood happen when you grow up. Try talking to a friend or a parent when you start to feel sad. You aren’t alone—a lot of people have mood swings as they’re growing up.
-Esha, age 13, Michigan

Is there something that’s causing you to feel stressed or weird? That might have something to do with it. Talk to a friend about how you’re feeling.
-Simone, age 10, Florida

Try to give yourself a break. Sometimes I feel the way you described when I’m tired or hungry. Take a bath, eat some good food, and try to get a lot of sleep. I hope this helps you.
-Alaina, age 12, Kansas

Mood swings are a part of growing up—your mom is right. Try to remember that you’re not the only one going through this.
-Kate, age 11, Germany

When I feel like this I talk to my best friend. I was nervous to talk to her about it, but it turns out she feels this way, too! Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone can make you feel a little better.
-Macy, age 12, New Mexico

I think your mom is right. You’re probably feeling this way because you’re growing up. One great way to deal with mood swings is to find a way to calm down. It really helps me. I usually take deep breaths and drink water.
-Millie, age 13, Wisconsin

When you’re feeling weird, think about all of the things that make you happy. You could also cuddle with a pet or do something that you love. These things might change your mood.
-Maya, age 11, California

I can really relate to this. When I’m feeling this way, I take some time to be alone. Is there a special place in your room or home that you can escape to when you feel this way?
-Lacey, age 12, Connecticut

You’re most likely feeling this way because of hormones. If you’re having a hard time with these feelings, try to talk to out with a parent or write in a journal.
-An American Girl fan

I think that you should give yourself a little break when you start to feel overwhelmed or sad. Take a few minutes to be alone and relax.
-Elena, age 12, Virginia

My mom also told me that this is completely normal. My mood has been all over the place, too. I usually read a book in my room or have a snack when I start to feel weird. You can also talk to your parent more about this.
-Ella, age 11, California

I have definitely felt like this before. When I start to feel weird, I listen to music. I hope this helps you.
-An American Girl fan

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