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Dream Room

This question is from the editors at American Girl: “What are three things you’d change about your bedroom to make it absolutely amazing?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would love to have a two-story, lofted bedroom. The two floors would connect with a spiral staircase.
-Lucy, age 11, Washington

I would have a frozen yogurt machine in my room. I’d also have a small shopping mall attached to my room. I love to shop.
-Megan, age 10, Pennsylvania

I would make my room bigger. I’d also replace my carpet with pretty wood floors. I’d redecorate my room so it would have a pink camouflage theme.
-Lila, age 13, Arizona

To make my room more fun, I’d repaint it. I’d also have more books and a beautiful piano that I could play.
-Lindsey, age 12, Michigan

I would paint my walls purple. I’d also build a shelf to display my pottery and I’d replace my wooden bed with a four-poster canopy bed.
-Victoria, age 14, Connecticut

I would hang up posters and put some comfy chairs in my new room. I’d also hang pretty patterned curtains and a chandelier.
-An American Girl fan

There would be a pool in my room, along with a mini spa and a TV. That would be the best room ever.
-Anna, age 9, Ohio

I would find a better way to display my horse ribbons. I’d also add some photos of me jumping on my horse, and maybe hang up our pony club pledge.
-An American Girl fan

I’d turn my room into a water park.
-Jillian, age 8, Michigan

I would love to have a double bed. I’d also add a desk and a comfy chair to sit in.
-Katelyn, age 12, New York

I’d paint pictures of my friends on my walls. I would love a cool canopy tent to sit in. A heated pool in my room would also be awesome.
-Christa, age 12, Connecticut

I would have a bed made of chocolate, and there would be sprinkles floating in the air. My chair would be made of candy, too.
-Tayla, age 10, New York

I would paint my room bright purple. I’d decorate my walls with photos of Paris, Italy, and Greece. I would also change my bed to a lofted bed. It would be neon green with a bright blue desk.
-Berkli, age 12, Idaho

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