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Procrastination Station

his question is from the editors at American Girl magazine: “Have you ever put off studying for a test or doing a big project until the last minute? What happened? Did your parents have to help? Did you receive a bad grade?”I used to wait until the last minute to do my Latin homework. However, after I got a 64% on a test, I learned my lesson.

These girls shared their thoughts:

I had a big take-home test but I didn’t start working on until the night before it was due. I stayed up all night trying to finish it, and the next day, I didn’t feel well. I did OK, but I wasn’t happy with my grade.
-Kelly, age 13, Massachusetts

This has happened to me. Once my mom and I had to stay up until 10:00 p.m. studying for a science test. I did OK on the test, but I felt really guilty for making my mom stay up so late to help me.
-Nicky, age 11, Arkansas

I forgot about a science project that my teacher told us about three weeks earlier. The three weeks went by so fast, and I barely even looked at the project. The day before it was due, I ran home from school and worked on only that project. I had to miss my gymnastics meet and recycling club meeting. I finished the project, but it was very messy.
-Leora, age 13, Massachusetts

One time I had to miss my voice lesson because I forgot to do my homework. I did a good job on the assignment, but I had to give up something important.
-Clara, age 12, Maryland

I’m homeschooled, so my mom gives me homework assignments. She is always on my case about homework! I usually finish on time because of this.
-An American Girl fan

I once had a huge history project that I put off, and I had to finish it all the night before it was due. My parents had to help me complete it, and they were not too happy about that.
-Natalie, age 12, Maryland

One time I didn’t study for a test because my cousin and I were going to have a sleepover. The next day I had to cram for the test and didn’t do that well on it. Now I never put things off. That was really stressful.
-Rebecca, age 11, Vermont

Honestly, I procrastinate a lot. I feel like I work better when I have a short time frame to complete assignments. It works for me, but I know it doesn’t work for a lot of my friends.
-Anna, age 11, Oklahoma

I forgot about a project and had to turn it in very late. I was embarrassed. Now I do a better job of writing down when my projects are due and working on them throughout the week.
-Jade, age 10, Maryland

I needed to create a poster board presentation for a class. I did all of the research beforehand and waited to glue everything on until the night before. It ended up taking much longer than I expected, and I had to stay up late. I should have given myself more time.
-An American Girl fan

I didn’t complete a homework assignment because I had so many clubs and activities. I had to make a new plan with my parents and stop doing so many clubs. They want me to focus more on school.
-Aida, age 11, New Jersey

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