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Cool Collections

This question is from nine-year-old Carlie: “Do you collect anything special? If so, what do you collect?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I collect beautiful rocks. I have two amethyst rocks, a piece of fool’s gold, and a turquoise rock.
-Grace, age 11, California

My brother and I have a coin collection. We have coins from different countries all around the world.
-Elena, age 8, New York

I collect pretty wrapping paper. If the piece is big enough, I make it into an envelope and give it to a friend.
-Havilah, age 13, Ohio

I like to collect seashells. Sometimes they have holes so I can turn them into necklaces. I recently gave one to my mom, and she loved it.
-Lynette, age 10, North Carolina

I play disc golf with my brother. My older brothers and I collect special flying discs to use for the game.
-Claire, age 11, Iowa

I collect snow globes from different places. I love looking at them on my shelf.
-Becca, age 12, Ohio

I collect a lot of things. My favorite things to collect are soaps, stamps, pins, postcards, beads, and shells. The most special collection that I have is my rock collection. Every rock has its own story or memory.
-Jade, age 12, Maryland

I collect charms from every state or country that I visit. I put the charms on my travel bracelet.
-Alyssa, age 13, Pennsylvania

I collect a lot of special things. My notebook collection is my favorite—I have lots of them to doodle in.
-Katie, age 13, Georgia

I collect stamps from my German pen pal. I save them from the letters she sends me. It’s really cool having stamps from another country.
-Dee, age 12, New York

I have lots of tiny glass animals. I set them up like animals in a zoo. So far I have a duck, a bird, a snake, two fish, and a giraffe.
-Natalie, age 10, Maryland

I like to collect good books. I have an entire shelf of my own books.
-Brityn, age 11, Wisconsin

I have lots of maps and postcards from places my family has visited. It makes me happy when I look at them.
-Lynnie, age 13, Tennessee

I love going to the beach and collecting seashells. I decorate my room with them.
-Brianna, age 12, New York

I have lots of little erasers. Some of them look like hamburgers, stars, or skateboards.
-Adelle, age 10, Wisconsin

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