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Favorite Things

This question is from nine-year-old Taylor: “Did you have a favorite toy when you were little? Is it still your favorite? I had a favorite doll that I brought everywhere. I still love her and play with her every day. What’s your favorite toy?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

My grandmother bought me a doll. I love her so much and still play with her every day. She’s so pretty.
-Holly, age 12, Connecticut

When I was little, my favorite toy was an action figure based on a character from my favorite movie.
-Angie, age 12, Florida

I used to bring a stuffed animal mouse with me everywhere. I named him Mousie. I lost him a lot so my mom had eight backups of the same stuffed mouse!
-Allie, age 12, Washington

I had a stuffed pig. My uncle gave him to me at the hospital when I was born. When I was little I thought it was a stuffed puppy!
-Bailey, age 11, New Jersey

I have a soft pink blanket that helps me fall asleep at night. It is special because my mom gave it to me.
-An American Girl fan

I love my doll and all of her accessories so much. I also love the horse that she can pretend to ride.
-Megan, age 12, Michigan

My favorite toy was a stuffed dog that I named Roxy. I was allergic to real dogs so I pretended Roxy was real.
-Melody, age 12, Indiana

I had a pair of pretend car keys that made car noises. They made me feel like a grown-up just like my mom.
-Macy, age 10, California

I have a doll named Kiki. I bring her everywhere with me. She’s special because my older sister has one, too. We used to play with them together.
-An American Girl fan

Mine is a stuffed animal wolf. His fur was so soft when I got him. His fur isn’t as soft now, but I still love him and play with him.
-Scarlet, age 11, Tennessee

I had a stuffed animal bunny named Mary. I named the bunny after my friend Mary. My stuffed bunny still means a lot to me.
-Natalie, age 11, California

I have a favorite stuffed teddy bear. He’s white with a red heart across his chest. I’m really scared of thunderstorms and he makes me feel better during them.
-Emma, age 13, Tennessee

I have four toys that I love very much. I love my doll, my two stuffed dogs, and my pink teddy bear.
-Lydia, age 11, Ohio

When I was little I had a baby doll. I gave her to my little sister to play with now that I have big girl dolls.
-An American Girl fan

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