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Rad Robot

This question is from ten-year-old Megan: “If you had a robot that could do anything, what would you ask it to do? My robot would make me really yummy snacks.”

These girls shared their thoughts:

My robot would help around the house. We have six people living in my house so we could use the help! It would also be nice if the robot gave me advice about friends and school.
-Ginette, age 12, Georgia

If I had a robot it would help me do my homework, oil my horse saddle, and help me with my baking business.
-An American Girl fan

I love creating video games. I’d love to have a robot that helped me write game codes.
-Jackie, age 14, Texas

My robot would help me pack my stuff when I move. It would be awesome.
-Mackenzie, age 10, California

It would be really cool to have a robot that could get me the book I want. If I were in the mood to read an adventure story, my robot would make it appear!
-Julia, age 10, Georgia

My robot would make me snacks for school. That would be really cool.
-Bella, age 12, Iowa

My robot would help me organize my room. My room is always messy, and I have a hard time deciding where to put things.
-Leia, age 11, Wisconsin

I love ballet. It would be really cool to have a robot that could help me practice my ballet routines at home. If I did a move incorrectly, the robot could do it the right way and help me.
-An American Girl fan

I can’t decide what I’d make my robot do. It would definitely have voice recognition though. That way, only I could tell it what to do.
-Ayah, age 10, Canada

I would love to have a robot that could deliver letters or packages to faraway relatives in one day.
-Havilah, age 12, Ohio

My robot would help people all around the world get back up on their feet. If they were having a difficult time in life, my robot would be there to help.
-Molly, age 10, Ohio

I would have a robot dog. We can’t have a real dog, so a robot dog would be so cool. He would be programmed to comfort people when they’re sad, and he would be soft.
-Victoria, age 12, Arizona

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