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Exciting Experiences

This question is from 11-year-old Annie: “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever experienced? I think mine would be meeting my little sister for the first time, or snorkeling.”

These girls shared their thoughts:

The coolest thing to ever happen to me was when I won a track race for the first time. I was so surprised, and it was such an awesome feeling and experience.
-Lizzie, age 12, Minnesota

The coolest thing I’ve ever experienced was my trip to the Grand Canyon. It was amazing, and I couldn’t believe how huge it was. My family and I watched a beautiful sunset while we were there.
-An American Girl fan

I went to my grandma’s house one night. My family told me to cover my eyes and when I opened them, I saw a little Border Collie puppy. That was the best experience of my life.
-Josie, age 10, Nebraska

The best thing that ever happened to me was moving to New Zealand for my dad’s job. I was scared at first, but quickly discovered how much fun it is to get to know new people and places.
-An American Girl fan

The first time I experienced snow was really cool. Snow is a rare thing in Texas, and last winter we got five inches of snow. I actually got to build a snowman!
-Linda, age 10, Texas

Going on a roller coaster for the first time was pretty neat. I love feeling the drops and dips—they give my stomach a weird feeling.
-Sophia, age 12, North Carolina

The coolest thing I’ve ever experienced was going to Niagara Falls. It was beautiful.
-Seal, age 10, Ohio

One time I saw a pod of dolphins in the ocean. They were so close to us, and it was amazing.
-Lillian, age 12, California

I loved holding my baby sister for the first time. Now she’s three years old, but I still love to cuddle her.
-Lydia, age 11, Ohio

I think my favorite experience was meeting my best friend.
-Isabella, age 10, South Carolina

The coolest thing I ever experienced was zip-lining. I really wanted to try it, but when we got there, I was really scared. I decided to try it anyway, and after that, I went three more times!
-Annabelle, age 11, Florida

One time, I got to be on the set of a movie. I was an extra in the film. That was such a neat experience.
-Zoe, age 12, New Jersey

I experienced something really amazing. My aunt and uncle adopted a little girl. It was so cool meeting her for the first time.
-Giselle, age 12, Ohio

My best friend and I went to Alaska together. We got to see the northern lights. It was a really special experience.
-An American Girl fan

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