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After-School Fun

Twelve-year-old Melissa asked this question: "What is your favorite after-school activity and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My favorite after-school activity is going to my debate club. I think it's important to practice public speaking and to think in new, outside-the-box ways.
–Lydia, age 12, Ohio

My favorite after-school activity is going to my robotics team! We get to create robots and machines together, and it's a ton of fun. It brings out my bold, creative side, and I've made lots of memories with my team.
–Anne, age 13, California

I always have fun when I go to soccer practice. Playing soccer clears my mind, plus I can work on my skills and have a blast with my friends.
–Katrina, age 11, Florida

I love basketball so much! Nothing beats the feeling of making a shot and hearing the crowd cheering for you. It's definitely my favorite after-school sport.
–Madison, age 12, New York

I love to play the violin, so my favorite after-school activity is taking violin lessons. The best part is that my mom teaches me, so I can do my lessons at home!
–Gianna, age 11, Iowa

I love to volunteer at the local environmental center. I plant seedlings, make compost, and pick up litter, too.
–Alex, age 13, Minnesota

My best friends and I are in a math club. We spend 45 minutes every day after school playing math games. We try to solve the puzzles, and we giggle together, too.
–Jenna, age 11, West Virginia

My favorite after-school activity is going to my tap-dance class. I just love the music, the steps, the patterns, the sounds of the tap shoes—everything about it!
–Ashlee, age 9, Pennsylvania

Play practice is the thing I look forward to the most when I'm done with school for the day. I love acting and singing, and being in a play gives me a chance to express myself and do things I don't normally do in my real life.
–Sophie, age 11, California

My favorite after-school activity would be choir practice. Singing always puts me in a good mood, and I love to hit the high notes.
–Grace-Marie, age 13, Maryland

I like to go to a yoga class after school. It's very peaceful and it gets all of my energy out at the same time.
–Saylor, age 11, Florida

My favorite thing to do after school is gymnastics. I always feel strong and proud when I'm in the gym. The best part is getting to hang out with my teammates and have fun.
–Kiki, age 12, Colorado

I love reading, so I read or write as much as I can after school. I'm in a book club, I'm on the school newspaper, and I have fun reading to little kids, too.
–Vittoria, age 11, Ohio

My favorite after-school activity is a running program that I participate in. I love it because it's a place where we runners can be ourselves and make new friends.
–Salia, age 10, Washington

My favorite after-school activity would be my art class. That's where my imagination can go wild and I can draw whatever I like.
–Tatum, age 11, Colorado

I have a passion for ice-skating. Although I haven't been ice-skating for long, I feel like the rink is an old friend of mine. When I'm skating, I feel free and confident, as if I can do anything I set my mind to. I love to ice-skate after school, over the weekends—anytime I can!
–Jessica, age 13, Virginia

Past You Said It!