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Sweet Suite

This question is from 10-year-old Ava: "What would your bedroom look like if it were made out of candy? Describe the different spots in your room and what sweets they'd be made of."

These girls shared their thoughts:

If my room were made of sweets, the walls would be huge toaster pastries with sprinkles. My beanbag would be a gigantic chocolate croissant. My throw rug would be a flattened cinnamon roll, and my bed would be a wobbly jelly candy. I wish I really had such a room!
–Katy, age 9, New York

My desk would be a giant cupcake with a mini cupcake for a stool. It would be so yummy looking.
–Brenna, age 12, Illinois

My floor would be frozen chocolate ice cream.
–An American Girl fan, age 10, Indiana

I'd have a tie-dyed pink, green, and purple taffy bedspread with pink and green marshmallow pillow. And graham-cracker walls.
–Rachel, age 11, Texas

The blanket on my bed would be a giant piece of ribbon candy, and I'd have flavored sugar wallpaper.
–Grace, age 12, Wisconsin

I'd have a strawberry licorice rug.
–Emma, age 12, Massachusetts

Hanging from the ceiling would be a pink rock-candy chandelier.
–Alice, age 10, Washington

All of my furniture, including the legs and frame of my bed, would be made of gingerbread. My mattress and sheets would be made of cotton candy. That would be so cool.
–Kate, age 11, Michigan

My favorite spot in my room is a chair I got for Christmas that has bungee cords instead of a seat so I can bounce into it and bounce out. I think the perfect candy for that would be taffy—green taffy. All my lamps would be made of hard candy with glowing lights inside, so whenever I turned on the lights, a rainbow of sweet colors would light up my room.
–Anna Grace, age 12, Louisiana

I would have a four-poster solid caramel bed, marshmallow pillows and comforter, a chocolate side table, a rock-candy stained-glass window, and a mint carpet.
–Elizabeth, age 12, Virginia

The knobs of my dresser would be gumdrops.
–An American Girl fan, age 9, Texas

My floor would be made from every kind of jelly bean there is.
–Kendyl, age 10, Kentucky

Peppermint. Everything would be peppermint. But on my peppermint wall, I would have a shelf with marshmallows (my mom's favorite), some chocolate (my dad's favorite), and chocolate-covered mints (my sister's favorite) so I would have candy for my family when they came into my room.
–Evelynne, age 11, Texas

The beanbag in my reading nook would be transformed into a giant doughnut.
–Grace, age 12, Michigan

I would have a hot-chocolate hot tub.
–Anya, age 10, Minnesota

My desk would be made out of cinnamon candies so I could add some spice to my homework.
–Elle, age 12, Canada

My room would have a lollipop lamp.
–Jenna, age 11, Ohio

The bed would be a chocolate bar in a wrapper—sort of like a sleeping bag.
–Tessa, age 9, California

I'd have fruit-leather curtains in lots of bright colors.
–Jessie, age 13, Hawaii

My teddy bears would all be gummy bears.
–Elizabeth, age 11, Illinois

My fish tank would be made of peppermint, and it would have chocolate fish swimming inside
–Jessica, age 13, Wisconsin

My room would have murals made of melted chocolate and caramel.
–Tess, age 10, Texas

My door would be a giant slab of chocolate bark with an ice cream doorknob. Yummy!
–Abby, age 10, Alabama

A room made of gelatin would be fun! It would be awesome to have a super-bouncy gelatin bed, gelatin walls I could bounce off of, and a jiggly gelatin desk.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, Colorado

My pet bird would be a marshmallow chick, and its friend would be a chocolate bunny.
–Alexis, age 11, Minnesota

I'd have no room left because I would have eaten it all. So they'd better not make candy rooms any time soon.
–McKenna, age 13, Kentucky

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