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Homes with Heart

Ten-year-old Grace asked this question: "What is the thing that you like best about your home and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

The thing I like best about my home is my big backyard. There's plenty of room to play fetch with my dog, Otis, or camp out under the stars, and there are lots of hiding places when we play hide-and-seek, too. I love my backyard!
–Meredith, age 9, Virginia

I love all of the music I hear in my house. We're all musicians in my family, so if you were to come over, you might hear a violin, cello, baritone recorder, or piano—sometimes all at the same time!
–Gianna, age 11, Iowa

My mom is an artist, and her paintings are hanging all over our house. I feel at home whenever I look at my mom's masterpieces.
–Stephanie, age 9, Georgia

When I picture what I like best about my home, I see my many books sitting on my shelf. They feel like old friends I can return to after a long day.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, England

My bedroom window faces the sun in the morning, so every time I wake up, sunlight is streaming through my window. It always makes me happy!
–Annie, age 11, Arizona

My favorite thing about my home is the peacefulness. We live on a small private street, and flowers and trees surround our house. Birds come to sing for us and butterflies flutter around the yard. It's just beautiful.
–Rene, age 13, California

I like to look at the pictures on the walls from vacations we've taken. My dad took most of the pictures, but I'm proud of the one I took at Yellowstone National Park. That one is extra-special to me.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, Pennsylvania

My favorite spot in my house is the kitchen. My mom cooks delicious, unforgettable meals there. Plus, that's where I can find the cupcakes and cookies!
–Pandu, age 9, California

I love the window seat that sits in a nook in our living room. My family calls it "Jilly's Reading Corner." It's a perfect spot for reading.
–Jillian, age 10, Michigan

I live on a mountain, so when I look out the windows, I can see lots of wild animals, such as deer, raccoons, and foxes. I like to walk a trail in my backyard that leads to a big rock—it's a great place to write my songs. I love my house because I can experience nature there.
–Grace, age 11, Virginia

My home is dear to my heart for many reasons, but I especially love the bright orange walls in every room. They brighten my day and remind me how unique and wonderful my family is.
–Merylbeth, age 12, Texas

I love my home because my family is there. I can cook with my mom, shoot hoops with my dad, chat with my sister, play outside with my brother, or cuddle with my dog. There's always someone to talk to in my house.
–Emmi, age 10, California

We live on a farm, so the thing I like best about my house is being able to hear animal noises all day long!
–Faith Anne, age 11, Minnesota

The thing I like best about my home is that it's forever. After living in twelve homes during five years of foster care, it feels good to be in a place I don't have to leave. I was adopted last November, and I love my family and home.
–An American Girl fan, age 9, Florida

I love that when I look around my house, memories come flooding back to me—a cozy winter evening, the week my cousins came to visit, or the time my dog chased my cat through the hall. My house might not be perfect, but every scrape and dent tells a story.
–KayLania, age 11, Georgia

Past You Said It!