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Best and Worst

The editors at American Girl asked this question: "Have you ever been really happy—or unhappy—with a purchase? Share the best thing you've ever bought, and tell us about the worst thing you've spent money on, too."

These girls shared their thoughts:

The best thing I've ever bought was my camera. I saved up for it and I'm really happy with it. The worst thing I ever bought was a blow-up pirate ship for our pool. It had a small hole in it and kept deflating!
–Hope, age 13, Canada

A theater in our town was destroyed by a tornado, so I gave a donation—it was money well spent, and it felt great to help. The worst thing I've ever bought was a cheap plastic toy that broke the second time I played with it.
–Madison, age 11, Missouri

The best thing I ever bought was my hamster, Flutterbudget. The worst thing was a remote-controlled car that ended up not working.
–Jordan, age 12, West Virginia

I love my colored pencils—I use them every day. But I wish I hadn't wasted $20 on a pair of sunglasses that broke the day I got them. I couldn't even return them!
–Kyra, age 10, Pennsylvania

The best thing I've bought is my drum set. I love practicing and rocking out. What's the worst thing I've ever bought? A paper tie-dyeing kit—it didn't work! I'm thankful it was only a dollar.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, Florida

When I went to the Dominican Republic, I bought an awesome pair of shoes. As for the worst purchase I've ever made, that would be Christmas presents for my brothers. They've never used them!
–Anna, age 12, North Carolina

The best thing I've bought was food for a food drive. It felt so good to help people. My worst purchase was a bottle of bright orange nail polish. After I bought it, I realized I didn't like the color but I couldn't return it.
–An American Girl fan, age 10, California

My stuffed-animal cheetah is the best thing I've ever bought. I sleep with him every night, and he's my favorite stuffed animal. The worst thing I've bought was a video game that ended up not being fun at all. I'm glad I bought my cheetah, but I wish I'd never bought that game!
–Kiera, age 13, Hawaii

The best thing I've ever purchased would be my tennis racket. I love to play tennis with my mom and sisters. The worst thing I have spent money on was an arcade game at the bowling alley. I didn't win, and that just made me feel frustrated.
–Reagan, age 12, Virginia

The best thing I've bought is a cool denim jacket. It was on sale, too. But one time, I was in the stands at a swim meet and bought a bunch of candy to eat. I had it for only a few minutes and it was gone. That taught me to be a little more careful with my money.
–Cassie, age 9, Massachusetts

My best purchase was a red sweater. When I wore it to school, I got so many compliments. My worst purchase was a glittery shirt. I bought it for the disco dance at school, but it's too flashy to wear anywhere else. It just sits in my closet.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, California

I bought a tutu for ballet, and I love wearing it to class. The purchase I was disappointed with was a pair of hoop earrings that broke as soon as I got them home.
–Lydia, age 10, North Carolina

The best thing I ever bought was my cell phone. I saved up to get it. But the worst thing I ever bought was a cotton-candy machine. I love cotton candy, so I thought it would be fun to make it at home. I made one batch and the machine broke. I was frustrated to have spent money on something that didn't work.
–Allison, age 12, Kansas

The best thing I've ever bought would be bacon-flavored lip gloss. It smells great! My worst purchase would be a robotic dog toy. I played with it twice and then put it in the attic.
–Sophia, age 10, Iowa

When it comes to purchases, I've been disappointed here and there—kits that don't have all of the parts, things that say they come with batteries and don't, clothes that end up not fitting—but there's one purchase I'm proud of. I've always wanted my own surfboard. My parents thought renting one was fine, but I wanted one to call my own. I eventually raised enough money to get one, and that made me appreciate it even more.
–Desiree, age 13, Hawaii

Past You Said It!