Past You Said It!

Now you see me, now you don't!

Eight-year-old Sarah asked this question: "Has there ever been a time when you wished you could be invisible?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

When I started at my new school, it would have been nice to have been invisible for the first couple days. That way, I could have learned the ropes and observed things before introducing myself to people.
–Mary, age 9, Maryland

I wanted to be invisible when I broke my mom's candleholder. It was a wedding gift, and it was really special to her.
–Jennifer, age 12, Ohio

One time, I had to go up on a stage to talk in front of my whole school. I was terrified—my legs felt like jelly and my face turned beet red. That was one moment when I desperately wanted to disappear.
–Saramoe, age 13, Massachusetts

Last week, I forgot to study for a science test. I wished I could vanish temporarily so that I wouldn't have had to take a test about the parts of a cell.
–Olivia, age 12, Colorado

In fifth grade, I wanted to magically disappear. I was being bullied, and I wished I could become invisible so that the girls couldn't say hurtful things to me.
–Bella, age 13, Arkansas

A couple of days ago, it was raining hard and I had to get to play practice. I slipped and fell in a muddy puddle! I ended up walking in to play practice muddy from head to toe. I was so embarrassed.
–Tory, age 11, Wisconsin

My brother plays the guitar. He's really good, but he doesn't like people watching him play. So if he's going to play and he asks me to leave, that would a time when I would become invisible. Then I could listen to him as much as I want!
–Anna, age 12, Kentucky

I was walking out of class, and my teacher said, "Thanks for behaving." I didn't hear what she said, so I replied, "You, too." She looked at me as if I had three heads! That would have been a good moment to disappear.
–Sydney, age 11, Virginia

I was so excited to be in my school's musical. I walked up to the list of names, looked for mine—and saw that it wasn't there. I tried to act as if it wasn't a big deal, but inside, I was disappointed. That was a time when I wanted to be invisible.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, Ohio

I was reading a book in class, even though I knew it was wrong. It was just such a good book! Shortly after I started reading, my teacher told me to put the book down and pay attention. Everyone was staring at me, and I was so embarrassed that I wanted to disappear into thin air.
–Bella, age 11, North Carolina

One day at the park, when I was walking my dog, she saw a rabbit and tried to chase it. She yanked me to the ground and ended up knocking over a little boy, too. I felt so bad.
–Danielle, age 10, Kentucky

During lunch on a field trip, I had a tray with a couple of hot dogs topped with ketchup, mustard, and relish. I ended up spilling the tray—all over my best friend.
–Isadora, age 11, Georgia

The time I wanted to be invisible was when I spelled a word incorrectly in a spelling bee. It was my first spelling bee, and it was a pretty easy word, too. I was so embarrassed.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, New York

I wish I could have disappeared when I fell asleep and started snoring—in the middle of a test!
–Anissa, age 12, Texas

One time I wanted to be invisible was during a soccer game—I scored a goal for the other team.
–Julia, age 11, Michigan

I was carrying my little sister's birthday cake when I tripped and fell face-first into it. The cake was ruined, and I wished I could disappear. Luckily, we had made some backup cupcakes!
–Elise, age 12, Nevada

There have been many moments in my life when I've wanted to disappear. But now I realize that I can't just vanish—life isn't about avoiding problems when they come my way. It's about learning from them instead.
–Madeline, age 13, Maryland

Past You Said It!