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Sweet Space

Eleven-year-old Rylee asked this question: "If you had one giant room in your house all to yourself, what would you do with it and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd turn my room into a studio where I could paint masterpieces, practice my trumpet, and write. It would be my space to express myself.
–Alexi, age 12, Pennsylvania

My room would be a huge walk-in closet—I could store all of my clothes in style!
–Maxienne, age 13, Alaska

When I grow up, I want to be a librarian, so my room would be a giant library where my friends could read, too. We'd have book parties all the time.
–Hosanna, age 12, Louisiana

If I had a big room all to myself, I would turn it into a stage so that I could sing my heart out. My dream is to be a famous singer, so this way I could have my own space in which to practice.
–Lucia, age 10, New Jersey

I'd create a huge playroom for my dogs. There would be lots of tennis balls and dog toys. I'd stay in there all day, just having fun with my dogs!
–Willow, age 12, Nebraska

I would love to have an inspiration room. I'm always finding pictures of cute crafts and yummy recipes I want to make, but I'm running out of room on my walls! In this huge space, I'd always have spots to hang pictures. It would be my personal world of creativity.
–Rory, age 11, New York

If I had a giant room to myself, I'd turn it into a sleepover room. There would be 10 beds, a movie-theater screen, a popcorn maker, and even a mini nail salon. In a closet, there would be 20 pillows so that we could have pillow fights!
–Grace, age 10, California

I wish I could turn a room into an indoor softball field. I'm a pitcher, and it's a bummer to practice outside on hot days. I'd love to practice in the comfort of air-conditioning!
–Taylor, age 11, Oklahoma

I'd love to create a beach room. There would be sand on the floor and an indoor wave pool. The ceiling would be made of glass so that plenty of sun could shine in the room. I never go to the beach since I live in Colorado. This room would be so much fun for my friends and me.
–Mariah, age 12, Colorado

I love helping others, so I'd probably turn my room into a "donation station." It would be a place where I could organize the items I'm planning to donate. I'd also keep craft materials there so that I could make blankets and other things for those in need.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, California

My room would be a giant yoga and dance studio. Whenever I felt stressed out or anxious, I could go to this room to calm down. Yoga and dance always take my mind off things.
–Delaney, age 12, Maine

I would turn the space into an archery room. I would have a place for all of my bows, a rack for my arrow holders, and a corner for my arrows. I would also have a target so that I could shoot indoors if it was raining.
–Leah, age 11, Georgia

If I could have my own room, I'd put a second kitchen in my house. I want to be a chef someday, and if I had my own kitchen, I could test recipes whenever I liked. I wouldn't get in my mom's way when she was trying to make dinner!
–Zoe, age 10, Illinois

I'd build my very own aquarium. There would be dolphins, turtles, fish, stingrays, and lots of other animals. It would be amazing to look at cool sea creatures every day.
–Veronica, age 11, South Dakota

I'd turn my giant room into the most colorful room in the house. Each wall would be painted a different color. There would be bright pillows and beanbags everywhere, and my friends could munch on rainbow-colored snacks, too. It would be a happy place.
–Bonnerine, age 13, Montana

I would definitely put a dance floor in my giant room—it would even have a disco ball! I just went to my first dance, and it was awesome. If I had a dance floor in my house, I could call my friends and have a dance party whenever we wanted.
–Amy, age 12, California

My room would be turned into an indoor playground. It would be so much fun to have slides, swings, and monkey bars in my very own room. I'd be climbing all day!
–Bridget, age 9, New Jersey

If I could do anything with a giant room in my house, I'd give it to my sister. She has the smallest room in our house, and I love my bedroom. I have plenty of space, so I'd give the big room to someone who would enjoy it.
–Isabella, age 12, California

Past You Said It!