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Cool Collections

Eleven-year-old Maybelle asked this question: "Do you like to collect things? If so, what is one thing you love to collect and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I've been collecting stickers for a couple of years, and I have two giant books filled with them. When I'm in a gloomy mood, I flip through my sticker books and instantly feel better.
–Maggie, age 11, Texas

I love to collect glass animals. I have a hummingbird, a turtle, two chipmunks, two pandas, and many more. They look pretty sitting on my dresser.
–Rachna, age 12, Georgia

My favorite things to collect are snow globes. I have snow globes from all over the country, so when I look at my collection, I think about all of the fun I've had traveling.
–Sophia, age 10, Colorado

I have a collection of plastic dinosaurs. My favorite one is the velociraptor!
–Jordan, age 11, Washington

I collect many things, but my favorite collection is my scarf collection. I have scarves from all over the world—Turkey, Israel, Belgium, Italy, and right here in the United States.
–Ana, age 9, Virginia

I like to collect baseballs. I display them on a shelf in my room, and it's fun to show them to all my friends. When I get older, the baseballs will remind me of great memories.
–Alyssa, age 10, Wisconsin

I enjoy collecting old paper dolls, because it's interesting to see the clothes that people used to wear. I'm trying to collect paper dolls from many different historical periods.
–Annie, age 9, Utah

I love to find seashells. I live in Kentucky, which isn't close to any oceans, but my family and I go on a beach vacation every year. Most of the time, there's a good story to tell behind each shell I've found.
–Brooke, age 11, Kentucky

I collect playbills from the musicals I see. My mom gave me the idea to put them in frames to hang on my bedroom wall. I've always loved theater, so whenever I look at my wall, I'm reminded of all the musicals I've enjoyed seeing.
–Madeleine, age 13, California

I like to collect cupcake recipes. I love baking cupcakes and love trying new recipes.
–Felicia, age 11, Iowa

My dad goes on business trips a lot, and when I was little, he started bringing back teddy bears for me. Now I have over 30—all from different states and countries.
–Carly, age 13, California

I like to collect pencils from golf courses where I've competed in tournaments. I think it's cool to have things that I can look at and say, "I remember when I went to that place!"
–Bridget, age 9, Michigan

As long as I can remember, I've had a pig collection. Right now I have a total of 38 pigs. They range in size from smaller than my pinky finger to bigger than me!
–Rowan, age 11, Michigan

Do books count as a collection? If books do count, then boy, I have a big collection! I love seeing all of the books on my bookshelves. Each and every book has a different story inside, just waiting to be read.
–Bailey, age 12, Michigan

Past You Said It!