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Milk Shake It!

Nine-year-old Annie asked this question: "If an ice cream shop wanted to create a milk shake in your honor, what would it be called, and what ingredients would represent your personality?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

If an ice cream shop wanted to create a milk shake in my honor, I'd call it Ray of Sunshine (that's my nickname!). It would have strawberry ice cream with pineapple and mango pieces mixed in. My milk shake reflects my personality because I am very silly and energetic.
–Rachel, age 12, Illinois

I'm in love with chocolate, so my milk shake would be called Chocolate Land! It would have white-chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, dark-chocolate shavings, and chocolate syrup.
–Arianna, age 10, New York

My milk shake would be called the Rainbow Swirl. It would have lots of colored candies because I love colorful things.
–Olivia, age 11, New York

I'd call my milk shake On the Double, and it would represent both sides of my personality. There would be vanilla ice cream and strawberry milk for my soft side, but there would be a hint of dark chocolate to show my courage and strength.
–Emilia, age 9, New Jersey

I would name my milk shake the Beachy Keen Shake. It would be a blueberry-flavored shake with graham-cracker crumbles on the bottom—it would look like sand and water. I love the beach!
–Emily, age 12, Tennessee

Since I'm a pretty random girl, my milk shake would be named Randomness. There would be lots of surprise ingredients, such as blackberries, pink grapefruit, and sour cherries.
–Rose, age 11, New Jersey

I love to write stories, so I'd create a milk shake just for writers. It would be called the Writer's Shake, and it would be flavored with ginger tea. That's what I sip when I write, and it's very calming.
–Camille, age 9, Illinois

This might sound kind of strange, but I'd like to create a dill-pickle-flavored milk shake. My family is always teasing me about how much I love pickles!
–Kathryn, age 13, Indiana

My milk shake would be called Pink Party. It would have pink birthday-cake ice cream, frosting, and sprinkles. This treat would represent my love of throwing parties.
–Abigail, age 11, South Carolina

Rocky Ranch would be the name of my milk shake—I live on a cattle ranch and I'm a bit of a tomboy. There would be cookie-dough chunks and a hint of mint to represent my sweet side.
–Lexi, age 12, New Mexico

The milk shake would be called the Emma Energizer—it would have strawberries and bananas, because those fruits make me feel energized!
–Emma, age 13, Virginia

I'm a figure skater, so my shake would be called Skating Star. It would have vanilla ice cream, lots of ice, and cherries. I think cherries are satisfying, and I feel satisfied when I land a jump.
–Jamie, age 10, Canada

A mystery milk shake would represent my personality—one day, it would be a banana-chocolate shake, and the next day, it would be cherry-flavored. It's a lot like me, especially when it comes to the unique, surprising outfits I put together every day.
–Darcy, age 9, New York

I'm never afraid to shine, so my milk shake would be called Shine and Sparkle. It would be a combination of fizzy, sparkly soda and ice cream, and it would be topped with rainbow sprinkles.
–Kaela, age 10, Colorado

If I had a milk shake named after me, it would be called a Marigold Milk Shake. I'm allergic to milk, so my shake wouldn't have ice cream or milk. It would have vanilla soymilk, dairy-free candies, and sprinkles. That way, other lactose-intolerant kids could drink it, too.
–Marigold, age 8, Massachusetts

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