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Pat Yourself on the Back!

Twelve-year-old Rachel asked this question: "Have you ever won an award and felt proud of yourself? Tell about a special award you've won, and explain how you earned it, too."

These girls shared their thoughts:

I was proud of a soccer award I won for being the best offensive player on my team. I was really honored, because I was the youngest girl on the team.
–Emma, age 11, Massachusetts

Every year there is a soapbox derby held at my church. One year I decided to enter, and I worked very hard at building a car to race. I won third place! I felt good because I put a lot of work into making my car special.
–Sophia, age 10, Colorado

I won an award just this past week! I entered some cookies into a competition at my local fair, and I got first place as well as a best-of-show ribbon. I was very proud of myself.
–Zoe, age 9, Missouri

Two years ago, I won a medal for showing up at all my swim meets. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but that season, I had been getting sick with worry before meets. I managed to be brave and swim anyway. It felt good when I got my medal because I had worked hard to overcome my anxiety.
–Jacqueline, age 12, California

I won the best-in-show award at my state's science fair. I got a giant trophy that was almost as tall as me, and I get to keep it for a year. My name stays on the trophy forever, so everyone who wins it from now on will see my name.
–Emily, age 13, Delaware

My school district was having a drawing contest. The theme was conserving water. Twelve lucky winners would get to have their drawings featured in a calendar. I ended up being one of the winners! I felt extra proud when a teacher asked me to autograph his calendar for him.
–Emma, age 10, Oregon

For three years in a row, I received awards in a home-schooling poetry contest. I really like to write poetry, so winning was exciting for me. I feel great about these accomplishments!
–Marie, age 12, Texas

I won a "Perfect Score" award for answering every question correctly on the final test of the year. Very few people earned this award, so I was honored to be one of them.
–Joyce, age 11, Georgia

Reading can be hard for me, so to challenge myself, I decided to enter a reading contest at my local library. We had to record how many pages we read the entire summer. I read for at least one hour each day, and I ended up being one of the winners. I was proud of myself for succeeding at something that can be a struggle for me.
–Bonnie, age 9, Michigan

I went to a dog show and won an award for having the best-behaved dog. It felt good to know that I had done a great job training my dog. We made a perfect team!
–Amanda, age 13, New Hampshire

I felt proud of myself when I won a trophy for writing my own song in kindergarten. I played it on the piano, too.
–Louisa, age 10, Utah

Last year at my school, there was a contest to create the best poster about bus safety. I wasn't going to enter, but my friend encouraged me to. I made a big poster with a picture of a school bus that I drew, along with some facts about bus safety. I did it for fun, but when they were announcing the winners, I found out that I won first place. I was very surprised, and it was an awesome day.
–Meg, age 12, Rhode Island

I won an award in my chess club for being the most-improved chess player. Because I had just started playing chess, it made me feel good to know that all of my practice had paid off.
–Isabella, age 10, New York

When I was in sixth grade, my elementary school gave out awards at the end of each week. I got an award for my kindness and positive attitude. Even though everyone got at least one award by the end of the year, my award made me feel special because I value kindness more than any other quality. I was glad that my teachers noticed my extra effort.
–Kate, age 13, Indiana

Past You Said It!