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Kindness Counts

Eleven-year-old Sarah asked this question: "Have you ever done something nice for someone who was unkind to you?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

One time, my little brother drew pictures all over my bedroom walls with a green marker. I was so angry! Later he said he was sorry. I gave him a big hug and apologized for yelling at him. I forgave him because sometimes, little kids just do things like that.
–Maria, age 12, Pennsylvania

A girl in my class was being unkind to people. One day, I noticed that she was sitting alone at lunch. I felt bad for her, so I invited her to sit with my friends and me. Now she's nicer to me and other kids in my class, too.
–Elodie, age 9, New Mexico

My family and I were at an ice cream shop, and my brother and I got into a huge argument. He got so mad that he tried to knock over my ice cream cone—but he dropped his own instead. I walked back inside with him and bought him another cone.
–Leah, age 10, Michigan

There's a girl at school who has always picked on me. One day at recess, I noticed that an older boy was bullying her. I walked up to him and said, "Leave her alone." After I stood up for her, we became friends.
–Lina, age 12, Massachusetts

Last year, it always seemed as if my teacher was in a bad mood. So on her birthday, I decided to bake a batch of cookies for her. She loved them, and it made me feel good, too.
–Elizabeth, age 11, Idaho

A girl at school used to tease me a lot. One day she dropped her backpack, and her books, papers, and pens fell out all over the floor. Instead of laughing or ignoring her, I stopped to help her pick up her things.
–Candelle, age 12, Texas

I was nice to a girl who spread rumors about me. I felt sorry for her because I knew she did it only to get attention, so I helped her with a school project. She didn't thank me for my help, but it made me feel better.
–Maxienne, age 13, Alaska

In my class, there's a boy who's known for being unkind. But when he showed up at school on crutches, I helped him carry his things inside.
–Avery, age 8, California

I have two friends in my neighborhood, but there's also a girl who's been pretty rude to me. When I made friendship bracelets for my two friends, I decided to make one for the other girl, too. I didn't want to exclude her, even though she hadn't been very nice.
–Paige, age 11, Washington

I wasn't getting along with a girl on my volleyball team. One day at practice, I noticed that she was struggling with her serves. I helped her, and she looked happy when she finally got the ball over the net. After that, things improved between us.
–Mary, age 12, Tennessee

At my church, there's a girl who hasn't been nice to me. Whenever she says something mean, I smile and give her a compliment. It might not change her attitude, but it makes me feel better about myself.
–Amelia, age 10, California

After my sister broke my mom's favorite coffee mug and blamed it on me, I helped her with a book report. I was happy when she got an A.
–Sari, age 13, Connecticut

My friend and I had a big fight. We don't talk very much anymore, but when I see her, I always smile and ask how she's doing. Even though we're no longer friends, that doesn't mean that I can't be friendly to her.
–Leevie, age 11, Tennessee

A girl in my class was excluding people in her games, projects, and other things. Then one day at recess, everyone was being unkind to her, including me. I realized that I should try to be nicer to her. I went up to her and said I was sorry.
–Rose, age 10, Colorado

Past You Said It!