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Clouds to Sunshine

Twelve-year-old Sarah asked this question: "Have you ever had a bad day that suddenly became a good day? How did you turn that day around?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

During an important soccer game, I broke my leg. My teammates knew how sad I was that I couldn't help them win the game. That night, after I came home from the hospital, the team took me out for ice cream. They even let me keep the trophy!
–Claudia, age 12, California

When my dog died, it was an awful day. But that night as I was falling asleep, I thought about the wonderful experiences I shared with my dog. Overall, that day was a learning experience for me, because it made me realize how precious life is and be thankful for the people (and animals) in my life.
–Elena, age 13, Washington

One morning, my sister and I were having a fight. We decided to take a break, and that's when both of us realized how silly the argument really was. We ended up apologizing to each other and drawing pictures together.
–An American Girl fan, age 10, Alabama

I woke up late for school, and I was in such a rush that I didn't even have time to brush my hair. But when I got to my locker, my friends helped me braid my hair and make it look nice. All you need are friends to turn a gloomy day into a happy one.
–Kaley, age 12, Pennsylvania

I was having a horrible day. Everything seemed to make me mad, so I decided to cool off in my room. I turned on some music, and before I knew it, I was dancing. I started dancing like crazy, and I got all of my negative feelings out. Now whenever I feel angry, I just dance to some happy tunes.
–Haley, age 11, Colorado

My uncle passed away a couple of months ago. When I went to school the next day, my friend noticed that I was sad. She sat with me at lunch and in band class, too. My friend was there for me, and she made me feel better.
–Caitlyn, age 12, Alabama

My best friend and I had a big fight. I was so upset, and the worst part was that it was my birthday. But when I went home and walked in the door, an adorable little puppy came running up to me! She was my birthday present. Then just a few minutes later, my friend called and apologized. My dog, Lily, is my good-luck charm.
–Emily, age 11, California

I'm a figure skater, and when I don't perform perfectly, I get frustrated. One day, after doing a double axel, I fell hard on the ice. I was so upset that I started to cry. My mom immediately came over and comforted me. I felt as if I could do anything after she encouraged me. Sure enough, the next time I jumped, I nailed it!
–Colette, age 12, Minnesota

I was on the way to the beach with my friend when it started storming. Luckily, there was a museum nearby, so we decided to go there instead. We ended up having a blast looking at the fun exhibits.
–Marianna, age 13, Florida

At school one day, I was being bullied. I didn't know what to do, and then a very nice boy walked up and told the bullies to stop. He has become a good friend!
–Madeline, age 12, Michigan

When summer camp started, I was nervous. On the first day, my little sister had already made a friend, and I was sitting alone at lunch. I was feeling miserable until a girl walked up to me and said, "Hi! Do you want me to sit with you?" We ate lunch together, and that made my day a lot better.
–Tessa, age 10, Florida

I had been preparing for months for a talent show. But then my partner dropped out the week before the show. My best friend, who has stage fright, knew how sad I was. On the day this girl backed out, my friend decided to do the show with me, jitters and all. I felt so happy!
–Abby, age 11, Kentucky

After a long, stressful day, I told my best friend about everything that had upset me. When I was finished, she said, "There's one good thing about this day." I asked, "What?" and she replied, "Tomorrow probably can't get any worse." That made me feel better.
–Jess, age 12, Virginia

I'm originally from Italy, and on my first day of preschool, I couldn't speak English very well. I couldn't understand what the kids were saying. Then a girl walked up to me and started using hand gestures to talk to me. She's been my best friend ever since.
–Carter, age 13, Massachusetts

When I have a bad day, I look for little things that make me smile—a new rose blooming, my baby brother learning how to crawl, a hug from my mom—and I feel grateful and happy again.
–Monica, age 9, California

Past You Said It!