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Teacher for a Day

Twelve-year-old Maria asked this question: "If you could teach any subject at school, what would it be and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would teach a speech or debate class—it's important for kids to learn to articulate their words and to feel as if what they say matters.
–Isabella, age 13, California

If I could choose any class to teach, I'd pick band. It would be amazing to start with a group of students who have never played instruments and work up to performing in a concert at the end of the semester. That would make me feel so good.
–Lauren, age 12, Florida

It would be cool to teach a science class. The kids could do lots of interesting experiments and let their ideas run wild.
–Melina, age 10, Ohio

I'd really like to be a gym teacher. I love being active, and it would be fun to brainstorm different activities to do with the kids.
–Zahava, age 12, California

If I could teach any subject, I'd want to teach home economics, where kids could learn how to cook, sew, and do other household tasks. My grandma taught me how to sew this summer, and I would love to share that gift with others.
–Allie, age 13, Michigan

Art would be such a great class to teach. I'd love the chance to compliment my students' work and encourage them to be creative. My friends ask me how to draw things all the time, so I'm basically already a teacher!
–Shreya, age 9, Pennsylvania

I'm deaf, so I would teach a class about sign language. It could help a lot of people, and knowing how to sign would be a great skill for students to have.
–Gabriella, age 11, Tennessee

I would teach French. I speak it fluently, and I love French culture. I'd think of unique ways to help my students learn French.
–Jessica, age 12, California

I would teach algebra because it's satisfying to solve equations. I love how algebra challenges me, and teaching it to a class would be fun. I also enjoy how useful algebra is in real life—people use it every day without realizing it.
–Abbie, age 13, Pennsylvania

I would teach a drama class. I think that drama is important for students, because it encourages teamwork and cooperation. It would also be cool to write my own scripts for the class.
–Olivia, age 12, Missouri

I would teach writing. I don't know where I'd be without writing stories—my favorite part of the day is sitting down and writing. I think that I would be a great writing teacher.
–Lili, age 9, Illinois

I'd teach U.S. history. In my opinion, every kid in the United States should learn about how our country was founded. I think history is amazing.
–Ana, age 12, Pennsylvania

I think it would be so neat to teach a spelling class. My family calls me the "Spelling Queen." I've loved spelling for as long as I can remember!
–Ashley, age 8, Missouri

This isn't an actual subject at school, but I wish I could teach kids how to stand up for themselves. Whenever I see people getting bullied, I feel awful. I want everyone to have the confidence to stand up to bullies, no matter what.
–Isabella, age 10, California

It would be awesome to teach a baking class. We'd make yummy treats and even come up with our own recipes.
–Haley, age 12, South Carolina

I wouldn't want to teach a class at my school—all of my teachers are the best teachers in the world!
–Sarah, age 13, Ohio

Past You Said It!