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Dream Machine

Ten-year-old Emi asked this question: "Besides soda, what item would you like to put in a vending machine, and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would put stickers in my dream vending machine. I collect stickers, and I have a whole album of them. People could even design their own stickers and they'd pop out of the machine.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, Germany

If I could put anything in a vending machine, I'd choose art supplies—paint, pencils, paper, brushes, markers—all sorts of supplies! I love art, so it would be great to have my favorite things all in one spot.
–Gabriella, age 12, South Carolina

My dream vending machine would have books in it that people could rent or buy. Sometimes it can take forever to get a book from the library because a lot of other people want to read it, too. If there were book vending machines, people could read the best sellers faster.
–Emma, age 11, Missouri

My vending machine would be filled with all things musical: colorful guitar straps, extra strings, glitzy microphones, and cool drumsticks. It would be so much fun.
–Abby, age 12, Alabama

At my gymnastics gym, there are vending machines filled with unhealthy snacks. My vending machine would have vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods in it. Unhealthy snacks don't give a lot of energy to a gymnast like me!
–Emily, age 13, Delaware

My vending machine would have tiny tree seedlings in it. Then people could plant them and help our environment.
–Avonlea, age 10, North Carolina

I'd like to fill a vending machine with pink cotton candy. Usually the only time I eat cotton candy is at the state fair. If there were a cotton-candy vending machine, I could get it whenever I wanted.
–Abbie, age 11, Texas

My dream vending machine would be full of horse treats. My horse always wants treats, and this way, I could go to the vending machine and get one for him whenever I like.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, Missouri

I'd like to create a vending machine that's perfect for pets. If someone is walking along and needs a collar, leash, or food for her pet, she could just stop by my handy vending machine.
–Karina, age 9, New Jersey

My vending machine would be filled with baking ingredients. I love to bake, so it would be neat to have everything I need all in one place.
–Hannah, age 10, Pennsylvania

I'd put gift bags, bows, and wrapping paper in my vending machine. I like to buy little gifts for people, so if I needed to wrap something in a flash, I could just go to this vending machine.
–Bekah, age 13, Maryland

I'd put one-of-a-kind things in my vending machine and fill it with holiday supplies―anything from garland for a Christmas tree to a funny mask for Halloween.
–Khasidy, age 10, Montana

My dream vending machine would have slices of pizza in it. A person would put in $1, and a slice of pizza would pop out. My favorite food is pizza, so I think a vending machine full of it would be fun!
–Meg, age 12, Texas

I'd make a vending machine that's full of sparkly headbands. Wearing a sparkly headband always makes me happy, and I think they would make other people happy, too. They add a touch of sparkle to any outfit.
–Noga, age 10, Ohio

My lips get chapped a lot, so my dream vending machine would be filled with lip balms. I'd definitely rather get a lip balm instead of a soda from a vending machine.
–Annika, age 9, Michigan

In my vending machine, I'd put in cute, cuddly stuffed animals, and each one would come with a sweet card. Sometimes people need cheering up, and my vending machine would let them know that everything will be OK. I'd want to brighten people's days.
–Allison, age 11, Missouri

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