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Twelve-year-old Becca asked this question: "What has been your funniest or most embarrassing holiday moment?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My best friend gave me some cute striped tights at a holiday party. I excitedly ripped off the packaging, but when I held them up to my legs to check the length, they were a foot too long! Everyone giggled about that.
–Cheri, age 11, Alabama

One Christmas morning, my little brother ran into our parents' room at 6:00 a.m. and shouted, "Wake up! It's Christmas!" at the top of his lungs. My mom was so surprised that she screamed, which of course woke up my dad. It took us ten minutes to stop laughing!
–Zuzu, age 12, South Carolina

At a holiday buffet, my mom said I could get dessert. I went up and covered my ice cream with lots of sprinkles and chocolate sauce. When I took my first bite, I knew right away it wasn't ice cream. It was butter! Everyone started laughing. It was funny to my family but very embarrassing for me.
–Molly, age 10, New York

One year when I woke up on Christmas morning, I forgot to put on my glasses and ran into the Christmas tree! It fell over—but luckily, nothing broke.
–Eowayn, age 13, Oregon

One Christmas, we were taking pictures of our pets. Well, my cat and dog don't get along, so in one picture my dog and cat are staring at each other. In the second picture, the cat is pawing at the dog. And in the third picture, they are jumping on each other! We have those photos in a scrapbook, and they're hilarious look at.
–Kelly, age 10, Idaho

When my grandma and I were making homemade applesauce for a Hanukkah party, she asked me to grab some spices for it. I sprinkled in what I thought was cinnamon—but it turned out to be Cajun seasoning! We didn't taste it until we got to the party, and I started crying from the spicy applesauce.
–Zipporah, age 13, New York

One year, my brother opened a gift that was also a practical joke. When he opened it up and saw one of my old dolls, the upset look on his face was priceless. I've never laughed so hard!
–Audrey, age 10, New Jersey

One Christmas morning, I was so excited to open presents that I didn't bother to look in a mirror before running downstairs. My hair was crazy, and my pajamas didn't match. Of course, my dad took a picture of me. My mom says that it's a good memory, and every Christmas, we look at the picture and crack up.
–Amy, age 12, Iowa

I was really excited about my last present because it was in a huge box. When I opened the gift, my little sister popped out with a big smile on her face! It was the best, most unexpected present I've ever gotten.
–Emma, age 10, Virginia

When I was little, my family and I went to a holiday church service. The only problem was, I forgot to put on shoes! No one at the church was my age, so I had to wear my mom's tennis shoes (which were way too big) with my pretty red dress. It was mortifying!
–Grace, age 13, Missouri

One year, I opened a gift and it turned out to be a football. I was confused because I don't like football. When I looked at the tag, it turned out that the gift was actually for my cousin Mark. I felt terrible about opening his gift! Now I always look at the name on the card first so that I don't make the same mistake again.
–Margaret, age 10, Connecticut

Last Christmas, my friend and I exchanged gifts. When we opened them, it turned out that we both got each other exactly the same present! We couldn't believe it, and we cracked up.
–Jennifer, age 12, Georgia

One year, all I wanted for Christmas was a puppy. I opened one of my gifts, and the puppy jumped out and landed on me! The puppy ended up knocking over a cup of cocoa that was next to me, and cocoa spilled all over the floor. I ended up naming her Cocoa.
–An American Girl fan, age 10, Montana

On Christmas Eve, I was eating a cookie at my grandma's house, when all of a sudden, her dog jumped up and took it right out of my hand! My whole family was laughing like crazy.
–Lucie, age 11, Maryland

Last year, my friends and I made a Christmas dance video. We were wearing gloves, wool hats, antlers, and even reindeer noses. When we started to dance, I slipped and knocked over the tree, fell on the presents, and knocked over the person who was filming. I didn't break anything, but we did break out some laughs!
–Shelby, age 10, Florida

My most embarrassing holiday moment happened at a Christmas Eve party. I slipped and fell right into a pie on the counter! My face was covered with white meringue, and my little cousin thought I was Santa Claus.
–Sarah, age 13, Canada

Past You Said It!