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Wishful Thinking

Twelve-year-old Bryn asked this question: "If you could wake up and have one wish come true, what would it be and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

If I could wake up and have one wish come true, I would have three kittens sleeping on the end of my bed!
–Miriam, age 11, Louisiana

I would travel to Thailand to see my friends. I haven't seen them in almost three years, and we've talked only through letters. I miss them a lot.
–Morgan, age 12, Indiana

My wish would be to jump inside my favorite book for a day. It would be amazing to meet all of the characters and walk through all of the scenes.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, California

I would wish for a huge breakfast buffet to be waiting in the kitchen when I wake up. I would love to enjoy a big, tasty breakfast with my whole family.
–Madison, age 12, New York

My wish would be to live on the beach. I love the beach so much—I would give anything to wake up to the sound of the ocean.
–Hannah, age 14, California

My wish would be for there to be no more homeless animals in the world. I love my two adopted dogs, so my hope would be that other stray animals could get the chance to have a forever home.
–Lili, age 10, Illinois

I would wake up, look out the window, and see 18th-century America. Then I would go downstairs to eat breakfast and discuss politics with Thomas Jefferson. I want to be President someday, and I'd love to get some advice!
–Allison, age 13, Michigan

My one wish would be for my dog and cat to get along. My cat is too scared of the rambunctious puppy, and my dog thinks the cat is a toy. It would be a dream come true if they became friends.
–Cate, age 12, Rhode Island

I wish I could fly. That would be so cool! I would be free to soar above anything that's bugging me.
–Jada, age 11, Washington

I would wish for snow. I've seen snow only once, and since I live in Texas, it melted right away. If it were to start snowing, I would run outside and build a snowman.
–Peace, age 9, Texas

My wish would be that one day people could understand others a little better. Maybe if everyone took the time to understand another's person's emotions, the world wouldn't be such a confusing place.
–Halle, age 10, Pennsylvania

One of my dreams is to be a published author, so if I woke up and found out that someone had published one of my stories, I would be ecstatic!
–Izzy, age 13, Indiana

My wish would be to have my own cupcake bakery, because that's what I want to do when I grow up. It's so much fun to bake!
–Madison, age 10, Texas

If my wish were to come true, I would wake in my new room—a library. The walls would be covered with shelves filled with my favorite books. I'm not sure if I would ever leave my room!
–Charlotte, age 13, Pennsylvania

I'd wish for everyone in the world to be treated equally. I have always wished for a peaceful world where all people could be happy and treated with care and respect.
–Serena, age 11, California

I wouldn't wish for anything. I'm grateful for where I live, my family, my friends— everything! I wouldn't change a thing: not how much money I have or the clothes I own. I'm content with my life just as it is.
–Lizzy, age 9, Illinois

Past You Said It!