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Eleven-year-old Lauren asked this question: "If you had the whole world listening to you, but for only one minute, what would you say and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would make sure that every person understands just how beautiful she is. I've been bullied a lot in the past few years, and I know it can be easy to forget. In that one minute, I would try to my best to help those who have been bullied.
–Anna, age 11, Texas

I would say that education is very important. Education helps people get jobs so that they can support their families. The world needs to make education even more accessible to everyone.
–Aimee, age 10, Nebraska

I would say that people need to recycle more and should try to reuse things as much as they can.
–Sofia, age 9, Connecticut

I'd use the time to say that people need to love one another more. Even the smallest fights and the most careless words can deeply hurt people's feelings. I would tell people to help create a world where there's less sadness.
–Shifra, age 11, Maryland

If I had the whole world listening to me, I would say that celebrities should try to be better examples to the young fans who admire them.
–Tory, age 10, Michigan

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, so if I had the whole world listening to me for just one minute, I would tell them how to help children with health problems. You can make blankets for them or volunteer at a hospital to do fun activities with them. It really makes a kid's day, especially when she's going through a tough time.
–Christine, age 11, New Jersey

I'd say, "The world is filled with all kinds of people, so we should respect each other's differences." People in my school can be so mean to each other, such as the boys always saying that they're stronger than the girls. I want to fix this problem in the world.
–Kate, age 10, Virginia

I would say, "Follow your dreams, no matter what others might say about you." It would be quick to say, and I'm pretty sure that the world would agree with me.
–Emily, age 8, Maryland

If everyone in the world were listening to me, I'd tell them to stop polluting our water. Water is necessary to each and every person. I would hope my little speech could change something in the world.
–Chloe, age 10, California

In my one-minute speech to the world, I'd say how important it is to keep art classes in school. Art has changed my life, and it inspires many kids just like me.
–Evellyn, age 12, Ohio

I have a soft spot for animals, so I would probably say that people should be considerate of animals and respect their habitats.
–Zoe, age 10, New Jersey

I would tell people that after my minute is up, they should try to compliment as many people as possible. Then everyone in the world would be nice to one another at the exact same moment.
–Devyn, age 13, California

I'd tell the world to help people who give a lot but have so little. I would also tell them to think before they complain about something silly, such as trying to find a missing cell-phone charger. Some people don't have phones. Or a home to charge them in. Or anyone to complain to.
–Ella, age 10, Connecticut

I would tell people to be kinder to everyone, especially to their loved ones. You can never tell someone you love her too many times.
–Elaine, age 14, Utah

Past You Said It!