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For the Future

Twelve-year-old Annie asked this question: "If you could put one item in a time capsule for someone to find 100 years later, what item would you choose and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would drop a cell phone into a time capsule. I'm sure people would be interested to see how we communicated 100 years ago.
–Serra, age 12, Rhode Island

My sketchbook would be included in a time capsule. It would be awesome if someone got to learn about me through my drawings. Who knows? Maybe my pictures would be hanging in a museum.
–Lily, age 10, California

I'd write a letter about what my life is like today. That way, in 100 years, people could compare my description to their own lives. I think things will probably be a little different a century from now!
–Kaylen, age 8, Texas

If I could put anything in a time capsule, I'd include a copy of Little Women. In 100 years, who knows if people will even be reading actual books? I'd love for a new generation of girls to be inspired by this great book.
–Tara, age 12, New York

I would put in my ice-skating medals because I'm very proud of them. People in the future might think they're pretty neat!
–Lexie, age 8, Colorado

I'd choose to include a pencil and paper, because in the future, we might not need pencils or paper anymore! They would be historical artifacts.
–Brianne, age 11, Florida

My box full of letters would go into a time capsule. This box has every letter and birthday card I've ever gotten. The letters could help people learn about what life was like in the 21st century.
–Eden, age 12, Texas

I would choose my favorite teddy bear that I've had since I was born. I think it would be nice to share a loved item with someone else.
–Hannah, age 11, New York

I always love looking at my mom, dad, and grandma in their school photos, so I'd include my school photo in a time capsule. It would give people a peek at the clothing styles and hairstyles that were worn long ago.
–Connie, age 12, Iowa

If I got to put something into a time capsule, I'd choose my favorite bracelet. It has brought me lots of good luck!
–Brianna, age 9, New York

I would put my journal in a time capsule. Life will probably be very different 100 years from now, so whoever discovers my journal could learn all about what middle school used to be like.
–Madison, age 12, Minnesota

I'd choose my great aunt's wooden jewelry box. It's filled with her old jewelry from the 1920s. I'd love for a future generation to see her pretty jewelry.
–Alexa, age 11, Florida

I would put in my green photo album. It has lots of pictures of my family, friends, and me having a great time. It would be so cool for a girl in the future to see the things my friends and I did!
–Mariah, age 12, Colorado

I would probably put a newspaper into a time capsule. I think that people a century from now will be fascinated about what life was like a long time ago.
–Amanda, age 11, Oregon

If I were to put one item into a time capsule, I'd put in my oldest penny. My great-grandmother gave it to me, and it's from 1932. Wouldn't it be cool to find a penny that's nearly 200 years old?
–Kiana, age 12, Colorado

I would include a volleyball in a time capsule because it's my favorite sport. I wonder if there will even be volleyball in 100 years!
–Violet, age 8, California

I'd put some special items into a time capsule—a few of my best poems, a picture of me riding a horse, and my most secret recipes.
–Hailey, age 12, Wyoming

Past You Said It!