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Cool Rooms

Twelve-year-old Victoria asked this question: "Does your bedroom have a theme? If so, what is it and why did you choose it?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My bedroom has an art theme. My friends and I hung up big sheets of paper on my walls and drew on the paper. Now my walls are covered from floor to ceiling with paper covered in doodles and other artwork.
–Syddie, age 12, Utah

My room is drama-themed. I put up posters of shows I've seen and performed in, too. I love acting, so it's nice to wake up every day to things that I love.
–Emily, age 13, Idaho

I feel transported to France when I'm in my room, with its French mural and pictures of Paris. I've always dreamed of traveling there to eat French pastries and enjoy the view from the Eiffel Tower. In my room, it's almost as if I'm there.
–Marianne, age 10, California

I represent all of my heroes in my room. I have a "wall of fame," where I hang up pictures of my favorite bands, artists, and authors. Looking at these amazing people really inspires me.
–Mimi, age 11, Massachusetts

I chose a Caribbean theme for my bedroom. The paint on my walls is as blue as the Gulf of Mexico on a sunny day, and my bedspread has many bright patterns and a big flower, too. It's a beautiful room!
–Allie, age 13, Michigan

Cupcakes are everywhere in my room. They're cheerful to look at, so my bedroom always puts me in a good mood when I've had a bad day.
–Izzy, age 10, Washington

My room has a garden theme. There are huge sunflowers and wildflowers painted on the walls. I chose this theme because it reminds me of being outside and feeling free.
–Sierra, age 12, Oregon

Since I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up, my room has a dinosaur theme.
–Hazel, age 8, New York

My bedroom looks like a tropical rain forest. My walls are bright green and there are rain-forest stuffed animals all over the place. I think my room looks a lot like Hawaii, too!
–Helena, age 11, Hawaii

I love to travel, so I made that the theme of my room. I have chairs that look like suitcases as well asposters of places I've visited and places I want to go. I love my bedroom.
–Tiana, age 12, Minnesota

I feel as if I'm soaring in the sky when I'm in my room. My walls are painted sky blue and covered with fluffy white clouds, and I have a big blue comforter on my bed with cloud-shaped pillows.
–Lily, age 10, California

My room has a horse theme. On the wall, there's a painting of my two horses, Pete and Sonja. When I'm not riding them and I miss them, all I have to do is look at my wall.
–Gabi, age 13, North Carolina

My room looks like a castle. The walls are gray and lots of banners are hanging up. I chose this theme because I love anything to do with medieval history.
–Violet, age 12, Minnesota

My room makes me feel more confident. There are lots of posters with sayings and quotes, perfect for when I need a pick-me-up.
–Caroline, age 9, Wisconsin

I used to live in Florida, and my room has a beach theme. The colors are hot pink and orange, and there are tropical flowers everywhere. My bedroom reminds me of my friends in Florida and all the great times I had there.
–Sophia, age 11, New Jersey

My bedroom doesn't really have a theme—it's just filled with things that I love. When someone walks in, she'll know who I am right away because everything in my room shouts out my personality. I guess you can say that my room has a "Madeline" theme!
–Madeline, age 12, Michigan

Past You Said It!