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Feeling Special

This question is from 12-year-old Imogen: "If you could organize a special event for someone who is important to you or has made a difference in your life, whom would you choose and what would you plan for the event?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would plan a special event for my horseback-riding instructor. I used to feel insecure about riding horses, but since I started taking lessons, I'm happier and I'm a better rider, too. My instructor is originally from Hawaii, so I'd plan a trail-riding party on a beach—it would remind her of home.
–Malina, age 12, Virginia

My parents are the most important people in my life, so I'd plan an event for them. Mom and Dad are both bird-watchers, and I bet they can identify nearly every bird in the world. That's why I would organize a bird-watching party for them. We live in the woods, so guests would bring binoculars and watch all kinds of wild birds together.
–Lily, age 10, Idaho

I'd choose my science teacher. She's the best teacher I've ever had. She has had a big impact on my life, and through her I've really learned to appreciate science. For a special event, I'd plan a science day for the kids at my school, and she would help us learn more about chemistry and biology.
–Allie, age 12, North Carolina

Up until I was seven years old, it was just my mom and me. But then my mom married my stepdad, and since then, it's been awesome to be a family. He makes me happy and always supports me. I'd throw him a best-stepdad-in-the-world party!
–Bailey, age 10, Louisiana

My big sister will be going off to college before I know it. It's kind of scary, since she's been around my whole life, and I know I'll miss her a lot. I would plan an awesome going-away party for her.
–Genalise, age 11, Texas

I would organize a bake-off contest in memory of my great-grandma. Our special tradition was baking together. I would love to honor her legacy by doing the thing that brought us closer together.
–Allison, age 13, Kansas

If I could plan a special event for someone, it would be for my friend Eden. Last year, my father lost his job and we had to move. I was scared about starting at a new school, but Eden introduced herself and helped me get used to my new surroundings. We're still good friends, and I'm thankful for her help.
–Isabell, age 9, Maine

I would pick my grandpa because he is so kind and wonderful. He taught me how to play baseball and how to ride a tractor. I'd plan a simple fishing trip, because he loves to go fishing, and it would be fun for it to just be the two of us.
–Megan, age 11, Utah

I had been bullied, and it left me feeling sad and alone. I wouldn't have gotten through it if it hadn't been for my school counselor. She helped me feel a lot better. I'd love to plan a surprise party for her, complete with cake, streamers, and presents. It's the least I could do, since she has helped me in countless ways.
–Aurora, age 12, Alaska

My mom owns a bakery, and she works so hard there. I'd organize a very special spa day and meal for my mom, because she deserves a nice break.
–Isabel, age 11, Nevada

If I could organize a special event for someone, I would go to India with my grandma and throw a party for her there. She was born in India, and she really enjoys going back to see her sisters and think back on happy memories. I'd have a big party with our whole family, where we'd serve yummy Indian food and tell her how special she is to us.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, Illinois

I wouldn't plan an event for a person—I'd plan an event for my dog, Wilma. She is so sweet and is always there when I need her. At a special event for her, I would sell handmade things and raise money for animal shelters.
–Lucia, age 8, Michigan

I couldn't choose just one person to plan a special event for. I'd throw a big party for all of my friends, teachers, and most important, my mom. Why so many people? Because I had a brain tumor, and all these people helped me along on my journey. I want to thank them all for supporting me during a tough time in my life.
–Christine, age 11, New Jersey

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