Past You Said It!

"Happy Birthday, Fluffy"

Eight-year-old Juli asked this question: "Do you do anything special for your pet's birthday? If so, what do you do?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My hamster's name is Princess. On her last birthday, I got her an awesome present—a new pink and purple sparkly cage!
–Natalie, age 11, North Carolina

I have a yellow lab named Abe Lincoln. For his birthday, he gets a BIG bone that he can chew all day long.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, Minnesota

One time we had a birthday party for my kitten, Susie. We invited all of our friends, and everyone snuggled and played with her. It was so much fun.
–Caitlin, age 12, Illinois

For my rabbit's birthday, I make a "cake" out of lettuce, clover, plantains, and carrots. Nutmeg loves this special treat!
–Bethany, age 13, Minnesota

My basset hound is named Lunchbox. On his last birthday, my family and I had a picnic for him—we filled a basket with sandwiches for us and treats for him. It was a very special day.
–Valeria, age 10, New Jersey

On my dog Oliver's birthday, we take him to a dog park and play for hours.
–Ria, age 11, California

For my dog Shadow's birthday, I gave her a pretty collar to wear for special occasions. I think she really liked it.
–Lola, age 10, Wisconsin

We bought my cat, Snowbell, a catnip toy for her birthday. I also have a frog named Totoro—for his birthday, I gave him a fake plant for his aquarium. They both loved their presents.
–Emma, age 12, Nevada

For my dog Peanut Butter's birthday, I like to hang up signs around the house, make party hats for my family, and bake dog treats! Then we all snuggle with Peanut Butter.
–Olivia, age 11, New York

My brother and I have a guinea pig named Mozzarella. For his birthday, we usually fill a red bell pepper with carrot slices and hay—it's his birthday "dessert"!
–Lucy, age 9, New Hampshire

My "baby" (also known as my 800-pound horse, Caramel) always gets a new halter and brushes for her birthday. Then I brush her, and she looks so happy.
–Becca, age 12, Ohio

I have a ferret named Sir Max, and for his birthday, we always make a "cake" out of ferret food and put it at the end of a long maze. Then Max uses his sense of smell to find his treat.
–Lacey, age 13, Hawaii

My dog Puddles has a big doggie get-together with his best friends.
–Katie, age 11, Michigan

My one-year-old puppy is named Kiwi. On her birthday, we let her open her own gifts. I think she had fun, but she sure did make a mess!
–Gigi, age 12, Colorado

My best friend in the whole world is my dog Bigby. We don't know his actual birthday, so we just say that his birthday is the day that we adopted him. On that day, we go on a long walk together and play fetch in the yard. Then I feed him treats and (most importantly) give him love!
–Lili, age 10, Illinois

Past You Said It!