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Chilling Out

This question is from 11-year-old Haley: "When it's cold outside, what is your favorite activity to do and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

When it's too cold to play outside, my three little brothers and I curl up on the couch with a bunch of blankets and have a marathon of our favorite animated movies. It's a great way for us to bond, especially on a blustery winter day.
–Elaina, age 12, Missouri

I love to go snowboarding with my family and friends. There's a great hill near my house, so when we have some free time, we grab our boards and show off our best tricks. This is my favorite winter activity because one day I want to be a professional snowboarder.
–Sofia, age 8, Connecticut

This time of year, I like to work on puzzles. I've already completed a 3,000-piece puzzle and also a 1,000-piece puzzle. Puzzles are a perfect indoor activity.
–Maria, age 13, Georgia

In the winter, I like to knit with my grandma. It's so relaxing, and it's fun to make some new creations. And we make great memories together, too.
–Olivia, age 12, Ohio

My favorite thing to do outside is to play with my dog, Boris. We romp around in the snow together and roll down hills, and he gets lots of snowy hugs.
–Maggie, age 11, Canada

My brother and I love to make a snow playground in our backyard. We build stairs, tunnels, and slides together, and it's really fun.
–Amy, age 12, Minnesota

If it's chilly outside, I like to read. When I snuggle under the covers with a good book, a summer setting can turn a cold, rainy day into a warm, sunny one.
–Melanie, age 9, California

I love to go sledding. The feeling of rushing down a hill with snowflakes blowing around me always makes me feel free and happy.
–Sophia, age 11, Colorado

I'm not a huge fan of winter, so when it's cold outside, I pretend I'm at the beach in my house. I put on a flower lei, wear flip-flops, and eat ice cream. It makes me happy!
–Celeste, age 12, Ohio

On a wintry day, my mom and I drink mugs of hot chocolate and play board games together. I have a lot of fun with my mom.
–Christine, age 11, New Jersey

Whenever it's cold outside, my little sister and I make cookies. While they're baking, Mom watches the cookies and we play outside. When we come in, the cookies seem to taste even better! This is my favorite thing to do in the winter.
–Ariana, age 13, Washington

Past You Said It!