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True Blue

Ten-year-old Ella asked this question: "What is the top characteristic you look for in a friend and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I think that it's important to have a friend who doesn't try to change your personality and respects who you are.
–Annasen, age 11, New Hampshire

Humor makes a friendship even better. I am home-schooled with two other girls, and we have a blast giggling and sharing jokes with one other. Laughter is an awesome gift!
–Mary, age 13, Georgia

There's a mixture of qualities I look for in a friend. But out of all of them, the trait I value the most is kindness. I don't care how a girl dresses or what her interests are. I just want a friend who is kind-hearted.
–Nellie, age 12, Tennessee

I like a friend who has a positive attitude—I don't want to be around someone who makes me feel unhappy all day.
–Anna, age 10, Maine

When I want to make a new friend, I look at how she treats others. Does she put other people first? Does she avoid gossip? Those are a couple questions I ask myself when I meet someone I want to start a friendship with.
–Tori, age 13, Virginia

I always look for encouragement in a friend. I surely don't want to have friends who put me down—I'd rather have friends who care about me and want to lift me up.
–Carly, age 11, Alabama

It's good to have a friend you can count on. In tough times, it's comforting to have someone you can lean on.
–Lexi, age 13, New Mexico

Compassion is the best characteristic in a friend. A true friend knows when you're feeling down and tries to cheer you up. She does her best to be aware of your feelings so that she can make you feel better.
–Lili, age 10, Illinois

I look for spunk and a sense of fun in a friend. Sometimes I can be pretty serious, so I need a pal who can make me smile and loosen up.
–Paula, age 12, Delaware

One important characteristic in a friend is courage. I want to be friends with someone who is brave enough to stand up for me if I need it.
–Faith, age 9, Missouri

When I want to make new friends, I look for girls who are mellow and not dramatic. Sometimes drama can be too much to handle in a friendship. I want to spend time with people who are laid-back and go with the flow.
–Annaliese, age 12, Wisconsin

I usually look for things I have in common with friends. A friend and I could be having a similar problem or both feel embarrassed about something, so it helps to talk to each other without getting teased.
–Alexa, age 10, Virginia

I want to be friends with girls who are happy with the way they are. Some girls put themselves down and have low self-esteem, but I want a friend who feels good in her own skin.
–Grace, age 12, Ohio

Generosity is a good thing to have in a friendship. Whether it's giving time, kindness, or even cute little gifts, being generous can make a friendship even better.
–Melanie, age 8, California

I don't really look for any specific characteristic in a friend. Everyone has flaws and strengths, and part of life is accepting people for who they are. I try to have an open mind so that I can make more friends. After all, if I look for only one characteristic in someone, I could be missing out on an amazing friend.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, California

Past You Said It!