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Family Fun

Nine-year-old Bridget asked this question: "What is something special or unique about your family?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My family is special because we speak four languages fluently. At any time, you could be hearing English, Spanish, Italian, or French in our house!
–Isabella, age 13, California

I have eight siblings, so that makes my family unique. Everywhere we go, people are always amazed at seeing such a large family.
–Sarah, age 12, North Carolina

My mom, dad, and I live next door to my grandma and grandpa. We eat dinner together all the time, and I love being able to walk just a few feet to go visit my grandparents.
–Sophie, age 11, Michigan

My parents and I are special because we're the only ones in our whole family to ever have lived in the Middle East.
–Stephanie, age 10, Qatar

Each person in my family is a human radio―that means we sing all the time. My parents are the Ô80s channels, my brothers are the hard-rock and kid-music channels, and I'm the Broadway channel.
–Margaret, age 12, Louisiana

Something special about my family is that we all play hockey. My dad played hockey as a kid, and he loves that we all play, too.
–Greta, age 11, Minnesota

One unique thing about my family is that each of us plays a musical instrument. There are ten of us altogether, so we could start our own band!
–Ashlynn, age 10, New York

Everyone in my family has food allergies. My sister is allergic to avocadoes and sesame seeds. My brother can't eat many fruits. And my parents are lactose-intolerant. It can be hard to go out to eat, but these things do make my family unique!
–An American Girl fan, age 11, New Jersey

My family is special because each person has different eyes. Dad has hazel eyes, Mom has brown eyes, I have blue eyes, and my little brother has green eyes.
–Rebecca, age 12, California

My family is special because we all know how to make delicious food. I love to eat Mom's peach pie, Dad's famous soup, my sister's sweet cupcakes, and my brother's tasty crackers. My specialty is homemade ice cream!
–Mary, age 10, New York

My parents and I are unique because we were all born in different places. My mom was born in the United States, my dad was born in Indonesia, and I was born in France.
–Kayla, age 9, California

My family is special because each of us has brilliant red hair. There are a lot of us, too!
–Ginny, age 10, Delaware

At school, my brothers and I are the tallest kids. I feel special when I stand above the crowd!
–Connie, age 11, Florida

I'm a triplet! I have two identical sisters, which I think makes my family pretty cool.
–Cosette, age 10, Canada

My family is special because we have rescued lots of animals. We saved a baby squirrel, a mourning dove, and a puppy. We also have four sweet cats that we adopted from our local shelter. We love animals!
–Emily, age 12, New Jersey

My family is special because my dad works at an airport, and sometimes we get to fly for free. We've even flown around the world, a trip that was so fun and exciting! I'm proud of my dad, and I love the adventures I get to share with my family.
–Lauren, age 10, North Carolina

Every member of my family was born on a Tuesday. We even adopted our dog on a Tuesday!
–Allie, age 13, Tennessee

My family doesn't have famous relatives or expensive things. I have an amazing family because my big sister, little sister, mom, and dad all love me more than anything in the world, and I love them, too. To me, that's pretty special.
–Tessa, age 10, Florida

Past You Said It!