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Wheel Meals

This question is from ten-year old Alaina: "If you could create your very own food truck, what kind of food would you serve and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I adore breakfast foods, so I'd serve breakfast all day at my food truck. Customers could top their pancakes or waffles with berries, whipped cream, chocolate, and other toppings.
–Halle, age 11, California

I'm allergic to gluten, dairy, wheat, and shellfish, so I would open an allergen- free food truck. It can be hard for me to find yummy foods that I can eat, so this truck would offer different foods for people like me to choose from.
–Sofia, age 12, Oklahoma

My food truck would have only grilled-cheese sandwiches and pickles. You can't go wrong with this combination!
–Mackynzie, age 10, Arkansas

I would serve giant fortune cookies. I'd dip them into dark chocolate, white chocolate, or caramel, and I'd cover them with sprinkles, too. The fortunes would have creative and meaningful messages, and customers would even be able to customize cookies for birthdays or holidays.
–Alex, age 12, Tennessee

If I could have my own food truck, I would serve fresh fruit and yogurt. I'd park the truck by my school, so that way, kids could grab a quick and healthy snack on the way home from school.
–Abigail, age 11, Texas

My food truck would serve different kinds of cotton candy. Cotton candy is my favorite food to eat at a fair, because it's goofy-looking and fun to eat, so I'd love to offer it to people year-round. I'd make cotton candy in unusual colors such as teal or orange, and people could put sprinkles or whipped cream on top if they'd like.
–Morgan, age 13, Wisconsin

If I got the chance to have a food truck, my customers wouldn't be people—they'd be animals! Once a week, I'd travel to animal shelters and donate pet food for all of the animals to eat.
–Emily, age 12, Tennessee

Instead of a lemonade stand, I'd have a lemonade truck. I'd serve regular lemonade, orange-flavored lemonade, and limeade, and people could drop berries into their drinks, too. I love lemonade!
–Amelia, age 11, California

I'd create a vegan food truck. I'm a vegan, so that means that I don't eat meat, milk, or eggs. At my food truck, I'd serve bean-and-rice burritos, fried tofu, vegetable dishes, and vegan ice cream. Having my food truck would be fun, and it would be yummy for vegans like me.
–Frances, age 12, North Carolina

I would serve foods from different countries. For example, one week I would serve Chinese food, and the next week I could serve French food. The servers in the food truck would wear traditional clothing from each country, too.
–Rose Cate, age 13, Pennsylvania

If I could create my own food truck, I'd serve the tastiest cupcakes around. Every person deserves a sweet treat!
–Kylene, age 9, Ohio

I would have a pasta truck. I absolutely love pasta because it reminds me of the trip my family and I took to Italy. At my food truck, people could choose their own pastas and sauces.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, Pennsylvania

If I could have my own food truck, I'd serve my grandma's best recipes. She makes delicious apple pie and potatoes, and I'd love to share her yummy food with others.
–Megan, age 11, Florida

Past You Said It!