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Piece of Cake!

Eleven-year-old Eliza asked this question: "If you could design your dream birthday cake, how would it look and what would the design mean to you?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I love to play tennis, so my cake would definitely be tennis-themed. The cake would be shaped like a racket, and there would be mini tennis balls made of sugar on the cake, too.
–Pooja, age 11, California

My dream cake would have a frosting photo collage of my family on it. It would have pictures of the awesome vacations we've gone on together. I love my family!
–Erin, age 10, Florida

Two of my friends have gluten allergies, and they usually don't get to eat birthday cake, so I'd make a gluten-free chocolate cake decorated with frosting flowers and sprinkles. I'd want my friends to enjoy the cake, too.
–Samantha, age 11, Michigan

On my dream birthday cake, there would be mountains of frosting that look a lot like the mountains where I ski. It would have some of my favorite runs, and tiny versions of my friends and me would be heading down the slopes. This cake would represent my favorite hobby and the awesome times my friends and I have had together.
–Lia, age 12, Vermont

My dream birthday cake would be shaped like a snowflake because I was born on the first day of winter. It would be so sparkly! It would mean a lot to me because it hardly ever snows on my birthday.
–Cordelia, age 11, Missouri

My cake would be covered with beautiful Hawaiian flowers, because I dream of one day moving to Hawaii to become a hula dancer.
–Madison, age 9, Ohio

I absolutely love chocolate, so my dream cake would have three layers of chocolate cake, and it would be covered with chocolate frosting and chocolate shavings.
–Jacqueline, age 13, California

If I were to design my own birthday cake, it would be dog-themed. I'm a big dog lover, so it would be fun to have a birthday cake that's covered with paw prints. My dog, Molly, would be made out of frosting, and she'd be at the top!
–Sophia, age 11, Colorado

My cake would look like a giant wave, and there would be a frosting girl surfing on it. This cake would mean a lot to me because it would remind me of when I caught my first wave.
–Claire, age 9, Alaska

I would love to have a ballet-themed cake. It would have light pink frosting, sugar roses, and a pair of fondant ballet slippers on top. I've loved ballet since I was little, so this cake would represent my passion for ballet.
–Sophia, age 11, Colorado

If I could design my own birthday cake, I would cover it with stripes. Stripes are on almost every shirt I own, and my friends say it's my signature style.
–McKenna, age 12, Washington

Every year, I throw a birthday slumber party, so my dream cake would have frosting pillows, sleeping bags, and stuffed animals. It would be the perfect cake for my friends and me!
–Braden, age 11, Texas

I have a twin brother, so our perfect cake would represent things we each like to do. One half would be video game–themed for my brother, and the other half would represent my love of music.
–Aimee, age 10, Nebraska

If I could make a dream birthday cake, it would look like a canvas for painting, but it would be edible, and you could create art on it with food-safe paint. I love art, so creating a masterpiece on my cake would be amazing.
–Kaleigh, age 11, Oregon

I'd create the biggest birthday cake in the world. That way, I could have a huge party and invite all the kids who are less fortunate and might not be able to have their own birthday parties. Every kid deserves to feel special on his or her birthday!
–Arabelle, age 10, Maryland

I actually design cakes in real life. When I was 11, I started baking cakes for family members on their birthdays. That led to decorating cakes for birthdays, baby showers, and other special events. I'm so glad that I've discovered this talent, and I'm glad I can use it to make people happy.
–Emily, age 14, Tennessee

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