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Helping Hands

Twelve-year-old Isabella asked this question: "How do you help out in your community?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'm a Girl Scout, so we do lots of community projects. Last year, we put on a bake sale—the proceeds went to purchasing dog food and cat toys for the local animal shelter. This year, one of our goals is to plant a garden at a retirement home. It'll feel good to cheer up the residents there.
–Gabrielle, age 13, North Carolina

I help out at my local library by putting books on the shelves. It makes me feel happy because I love books.
–Elliot, age 9, Canada

I volunteer at a place that rescues mistreated horses. I help care for them, train them, and ride them, too. It feels good when they're adopted to safe and loving homes.
–RyRy, age 11, California

My elderly neighbor has foot problems and she isn't able to walk her dog. She would be sad if she had to give him up, so I walk him. I know how much she appreciates it.
–Rose, age 13, Washington

Whenever I go to my grandparents' house, my grandpa and I shovel snow from people's driveways. When we're done, I feel really proud—and tired, of course!
–Salma, age 10, Michigan

For my birthday parties, I ask my guests to bring cans of food to donate instead of gifts. It feels awesome to know that I'm helping families in need.
–Emma, age 12, Florida

Each week, I divide my allowance into four categories: save, spend, church, and charity. I donate money to my church and to local charities. It feels good knowing that my allowance is helping others.
–Bridget, age 11, North Carolina

My mom and I bake all the time, so whenever we make a treat, we set aside part of the batch to send to our local homeless shelter.
–Addison, age 12, Virginia

Being "green" is important to me. Every weekend, my family and I go to a park and pick up litter. We love helping out in the community.
–Tessa, age 10, North Carolina

Last summer, I helped my community in a cool way. My friends and I painted a mural at a park. It turned out great, and we had lots of fun doing it. We even got to be in the newspaper!
–Alexis, age 12, Washington

My best friend and I go to a local nursing home. We sing and play the piano there. The residents really like it when we visit.
–Anne, age 13, Michigan

I sewed pillows for kids at a hospital. It makes me happy to imagine a child hugging one of my pillows.
–Jessica, age 12, Wisconsin

In my closet, I keep a basket for clothing donations. With my mom's permission, I donate the clothes when the basket gets full.
–Anna, age 11, Washington

I enjoy baking treats and selling them at local markets. Then I donate money to the animal shelter where I adopted my dog.
–Regina, age 12, Philippines

I help out my community just by sharing a smile with every person I see. A sense of humor and kindness can shine brightly in darkness, so I try my best to spread happiness all around my town.
–Jennifer, age 11, Florida

Past You Said It!