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Warm Fuzzies

Nine-year-old Cassie asked this question: "What is one thing that helps you get to sleep each night?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

Every night, I love to cuddle up with my platypus. I got him from my best friend who moved away, and when I snuggle with him, he reminds me of the fun times my friend and I had together.
–Ashley, age 11, Canada

For me, it's a doll that I made myself. I bring her to sleepovers, and everyone thinks she's adorable. I think she's "sew" cute!
–Charlotte, age 13, Pennsylvania

This past summer, I had to have surgery for a condition called scoliosis, which means my spine was curved. While I was in the hospital, I got a stuffed black bear as a present. Her name is Bailey, and when I hold her, I feel relaxed and at ease.
–Peyton, age 10, Florida

I sleep with a stuffed horse every night. He is special to me because he is the first thing I ever saved up for and bought with my own money.
–Sarah, age 12, Michigan

My doll, Dollywolly (yes, that's really what I call her), helps me go to sleep each night. My aunt gave her to me when I was a baby. There isn't much left of her, but I still love her.
–Alex, age 13, Colorado

The thing that helps me sleep at night is a squishy lavender pillow. It's fuzzy and warm on one side and smooth and cool on the other. When I give my pillow a good squeeze, I always feel calm.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, Virginia

I love cats, but my parents won't let me have a pet. Instead, I sleep with a stuffed animal cat every night. She's so cute!
–Irena, age 8, Oregon

Once when my dad was being goofy, he named my stuffed penguin Humperdink. I sleep with my penguin every night, and his name always makes me giggle.
–Gracie, age 13, South Carolina

I'm Romanian, so something that helps me sleep each night is the teddy bear I brought from Romania. When I moved to the United States, I took the teddy bear with me so that I'd remember where I came from.
–Maria, age 12, Pennsylvania

My baby doll helps me drift off to dreamland. I've had her since I was a baby, and she is always tucked into bed with me. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, it makes me feel good to know she's there. I love her!
–Cassia, age 9, Oregon

I always sleep with a pink teddy bear that my great-grandmother gave to me when I was little. She passed away a few months ago, so I keep it as a special memory of her.
–Taylor, age 10, Minnesota

When we were little, my sister gave me the nickname "Fudgie." I sleep with a stuffed dog every night, and I named him Fudgie to remind me of my sister.
–Sarah, age 13, Minnesota

One thing that helps me sleep at night is a handmade quilt that my grandmother made for me. The unique thing about it is that she traced both of our hands, and then she cut them out of fabric and sewed them onto the quilt. On the other side of the quilt, she wrote me a kind message. I can't fall asleep without my quilt, and I will cherish it forever.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, New York

My sock monkey always helps me sleep. He's special to me because my grandma sent him to me from England.
–Piper, age 11, New Mexico

Ever since I did a report on pandas, they have been my favorite animals. I have a collection of panda stuffies that I have to sleep with every night.
–Susana, age 10, Massachusetts

One thing that helps me sleep each night is my yellow bunny. I named her Buttercups. She is special to me because my mom and dad bought her for me when I was two years old. My whole family knows how important she is to me.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, Florida

A teddy bear that I call G.G. helps me go to sleep every night. She was my grandma's teddy bear when she was a little girl. I named her G.G. because it stands for "Grandma and Grandpa's" teddy bear.
–Lilian, age 9, Colorado

When I was little, I had cancer. In the hospital, I had to be on a machine that helped me breathe. One day, a doctor gave me a fuzzy pink bear. When I kissed the bear, I felt a little better. My bear means so much to me, and every night, she helps me fall asleep.
–Candace, age 10, New York

Past You Said It!