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Clothes Call

Ten-year-old Hannah asked this question: "What is your favorite thing to wear and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I love to wear my cowgirl boots because hanging out in the barn and riding my horses are my favorite things to do.
–Bridget, age 13, Washington

I love to wear my friendship necklace. It reminds me of my best friend who moved away. Whenever I see my necklace, I think of the good times we've had together.
–Megan, age 9, North Carolina

My favorite outfit is my soccer uniform. When I wear it, I feel strong and proud of my skills. I can do anything in my soccer uniform!
–Melina, age 10, Ohio

I feel good when I wear my penguin pajamas. My grandma gave them to me, and every time I wear them, I remember how much she loves me.
–Mary, age 11, New York

My favorite thing to wear is a clip-on microphone because I love to act and sing on the stage!
–Katie, age 10, New Jersey

If I had to choose my favorite thing to wear, it would be one of my traditional outfits from India. It's very fancy—lots of sparkly sequins and shimmering beads.
–Shreya, age 9, Pennsylvania

I really love my lime-green jeans. Aside from the fact that lime green is my favorite color, they express my bubbly personality and make me feel confident.
–Rose, age 12, New Hampshire

I like to wear my tie-dyed T-shirt from summer camp. Whenever I put it on, I feel grateful for the fun experiences I had and the amazing friends I met.
–Kelsey, age 13, Louisiana

I love to wear my racing swimsuit because my passion is swimming.
–Davin, age 11, New Mexico

When I wear my winter coat and snow pants, I feel warm and excited to go sledding and play in the snow.
–Emily Jane, age 9, Colorado

My favorite thing to wear is a navy-blue shirt that I got on my birthday. Whenever I wear it, good things seem to happen. It's my lucky shirt.
–Margaux, age 12, Missouri

I feel my best when I'm wearing clothes that I've made myself. I sew clothes, and when I wear something that no one else has, it makes me feel unique and proud of my talents.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, South Dakota

I have a skirt that I call my "mermaid" skirt because it looks just like a mermaid's tail. When I wear it, I feel graceful, like a mermaid swimming through the ocean.
–Leah, age 13, New Jersey

A teacher at my school has cancer, and everyone in our school got shirts that say we support her. I love wearing my shirt because it reminds me that I can stand for something really important.
–Ellen-Marie, age 12, New Hampshire

My favorite thing to wear is a sweater I got when I lived in Iceland. Every time I wear it, I'm reminded of all my friends who live there.
–Sofie, age 10, Connecticut

My favorite thing to wear is a smile. A grin can brighten someone's day!
–Mary, age 12, Maryland

Past You Said It!